What to Pack for Sweden.
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What to Pack for Sweden: Clothing and Supply Tips

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Sweden What to Pack

Sweden is a very popular vacation spot for tourists and sightseers. However, it’s important to pack the right equipment to anticipate the differences in climate and temperature.

Winter Clothes in Sweden

If you’re traveling during the winter, you’ll definitely need a big furry hat and gloves. Temperatures can reach below 20 degrees Celsius, so be sure to use plenty of layers. Stockholm is cold just about all of the time. No matter the season, always bring a jacket or sweater. You should certainly consider thermals, stout waterproof boots preferably with thermal insoles, and a fleece mountain coat.

Preparing for Inclement Weather in Sweden

Don’t forget your umbrella, because rain showers are very common. There is no special rainy season; even in the summer you may experience surprise downpours. Wind is also quite common, and will turn even the sunniest of days very chilly. Be sure to bring some windproof clothing as well, in order to prevent sudden chills.

Additional Recommended Packing for Sweden

If you want to go fishing or camping by a lake, mosquito repellent is a must. You may also want to bring a sleep mask, because many houses in Sweden are bright at night due to having many large glass windows. Electronic equipment is very expensive in Sweden: even if you need a small thing that you have have forgotten, such as a Euro converted plug, it can set you back quite a bit more than if you bought one at home. The cobblestone in Stockholm is hard on your feet, so you will really appreciate good comfortable footwear.

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