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What is it about packing that feels so daunting? The luggage. The rules and restrictions. The fear you’ll forget that one critical thing—and bring eight useless things in its place. We get it. As travel experts with a bit of a fashion problem, we’ve graduated from a frantic, last-minute, stuff-everything-in-a-bag routine (not recommended) to a calm, considered approach where every item has its place and purpose.

We created What to Pack to teach you our ways. We’ve spent hours researching new travel gadgets, testing packing techniques, and hunting for those Instagram-worthy outfits. (No filter needed!) Consider us your worldly friend who can keep you clear of the latest TSA hurdles, all while looking fab. Let us show you: Packing doesn’t have to be a dreaded scramble. After all, when you do it right, you can focus on enjoying what really matters – your trip!

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