How to Pack Jewelry in an Egg Carton.
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How to Pack Jewelry in an Egg Carton

You’ve cracked your last egg and devoured that delicious cheese and veggie omelet, but wait—don’t toss that empty egg carton in the trash just yet. You might be able to use it on your next trip when packing your jewelry.

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Pack Your Jewelry in an Egg Carton

How to Pack Jewelry in an Egg Carton.

A half-dozen egg carton tray makes an amazing travel jewelry box. It doesn’t appear enticing to thieves, it has segregated compartments to keep your necklaces from getting tangled and, best of all, it’s free. For an even fancier jewelry box, allow your child or pet to decorate the carton. The plastic container in which wet wipes are sold also makes a handy jewelry box, sans separate compartments. Even if you’re not bringing necklaces or earrings with you on a trip, an egg carton can be used to protect a variety of other small odds and ends—like hair bands and clips, earbuds for your phone or leftover currency after you’ve moved on to a new country.

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