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The Best Men’s T-Shirts to Take on Every Trip

Given the nearly infinite options available to you, shopping for something as simple as a T-shirt can become a daunting task. Not to mention, there’s more to consider than whether a T-shirt has soft fabric and wear-with-anything appeal. You might want something well ventilated that wicks sweat, or a good base layer that doubles as a standalone wardrobe staple. Maybe you prioritize eco-friendly production. Regardless, there is a shirt for each occasion, plus many shirts for multiple occasions, all in one. Here are our favorite shirts that will wear well on the road, in the skies, or in the comfort of your own home.

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Best Men’s T-Shirt Overall

Slub Curved Hem Tee.

Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee

Made from ultra-soft cotton and featuring the brand’s signature hemmed crew collar, this Buck Mason tee is as perfect as it gets. Each one is loomed as part of a small batch, so they all get the attention they need to ensure quality comfort and fit. With a big range of classic, subtle colors, you can comfortably own more than one. (Though we think these blues are the best of the lot, which is saying a lot.) 

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Best Bulk Multipack Men’s T-Shirt

Hanes Men's Comfortsoft Cotton Tagless T-Shirts, 3 Pack.

Hanes Tagless White Comfortsoft 3-Pack

Hanes undershirts are a no-brainer. So stock up on a multipack of the tag-less ones, which will disappear under pretty much every outer layer you give them. Not only are they perfect for layering, they’re great for padding around the house and bedtime. That’s because they’re 100% cotton and are preshrunk to retain their shape and feel. 

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Best Long-Sleeved Men’s T-Shirt

Adam Waffle Knit Long Sleeve T-Shirt UGG.

Ugg Adam Waffle Knit Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Comfy like a custom-fit bedtime blanket, but stylish enough for a night out with your plus one, this waffle-knit long-sleeve tee provides a flattering fit. A loose crew neckline means it won’t feel restrictive or uncomfortable. You can even layer it under a button down, or over an undershirt for added style and warmth.

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Best Men’s T-Shirt With a Pocket

ASOS DESIGN t-shirt with contrast pocket in navy.

ASOS Design Contrast Pocket T-shirt

This contrast pocket tee is subtle but cheeky; it’s the kind of tee you can wear frequently without calling too much attention, but it’s also unique enough to stand out from all the solid-color tees in the room. The navy-red combo flatters everyone and pairs well with any pants or shorts, and the jersey cotton material is soft on the skin.

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Best Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom Mens' and Big Men's Soft Short Sleeve Lightweight V Neck T-Shirt - 4 Pack.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s V-neck (4-pack)

Everyone has an opinion on the “fleeting trend” of V-necks. It’s no trend; V-necks aren’t fleeting. The fact is, they’re never out of style. It’s the depth of the collar that can call attention to itself in the wrong ways. Every guy needs a couple of subtle V-necks in his collection to pull double-duty as undershirts and standalone tees, and Fruit of the Loom gives you that ideal balance. Pick the colors that suit you best—we like the grays—and stock up.

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Best Men’s Heavyweight T-Shirt

Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Pocket T-Shirt.

Alternative Apparel Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Pocket T-shirt

Alternative Apparel’s 100% cotton heavyweight tee is another should-be staple shirt. If you’re curious what “heavyweight” entails, it’s that the shirt wears heavier than other tees; there’s a bulk to it, thanks to upcycled yarn fibers in this case. This stylish pocket tee looks good with your freshest jeans—or even your trashiest pair.

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Best Black Men’s T-Shirt

Comfort Colors Men's Adult Short Sleeve Tee, Style 1717.

Comfort Colors Black Adult T-shirt, Style 1717

The black tee. Another staple in your wardrobe, just like the white tee or the basic V-neck. This 100% cotton crewneck from Comfort Colors gives you that “dad playing catch with his son” vibe, or even the “guy who travels in stylish comfort” look. See?—universal. And oh so soft, to top it off.

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Best White Men’s T-Shirt

Everlane The Tailored Crew.

Everlane The Tailored Crew

Nobody does wardrobe essentials better than Everlane, and every man needs a classic white tee. The brand’s slim-fit Tailored Crew is 100% pima cotton and an extra half-inch in length, just in case you prefer a subtle tucking in. It looks like a big upgrade from a standard-fare white undershirt—so nobody will mistake you for having forgotten an outer layer.

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Best Patterned Men’s T-Shirt

Pull&Bear stripe t-shirt in black.

Pull & Bear Striped T-shirt

Part polyester, part viscose, this classic striped Pull & Bear tee is breathable and gives the right amount of stretch to its wearer. The thin-striped pattern is subtle and soft on the eyes, but gives your T-shirt the right amount of uniqueness for that first date or night out with friends. Even its collar has perfectly laid stripes that wrap the neck.

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Best Cotton-Spandex Men’s T-Shirt

Under Armour Men Under Armor Charged Cotton Sportstyle T-Shirt.

Under Armour Sportstyle T-shirt

This odor-thwarting tee can be worn during workouts or just casually, and it provides a perfect blend of spandex, cotton, and polyester to do both. It gives you the movement and quick-drying, sweat-wicking comfort you require with an active lifestyle, and is neutral with daytime outfits so that it doesn’t scream, “this is a workout shirt!” 

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Best T-Shirt for Layering

Second Skin High V-Neck Stay-Tucked Undershirt 2.0.

Tommy John Second Skin High V-Neck White T-shirt

Tommy John’s strong suit is underwear, so it’s no surprise that the brand makes excellent, breathable undershirts. This modal-spandex hybrid shirt wears taut under any outer layer, and the V-neck collar helps hide its presence for any button-ups or polo tees. It breathes well, stays tucked in, and never loses its shape, even as it fits your own shape so snugly.

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Best Slim Fit Men’s T-Shirt

River Island slim fit t-shirt in khaki.

River Island Slim-Fit T-shirt

The green-khaki tee should be a wardrobe essential. And River Island’s slim fit in this color is a flattering execution of the style, giving you an army-like fit that flatters your form. Pair the cotton tee with your best jeans—dark or light—for one of the most stylish (and simple) looks that every guy can pull off.

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Best Wrinkle-Resistant Men’s T-Shirt

Public Rec GO-TO TEE - CREW.

Public Rec Go-To Tee

Made from a blend of pima cotton, Tencel, and a bit of spandex for stretch, this soft crewneck tee from Public Rec wrinkles far slower and less frequently than the rest of your wardrobe. It’s the perfect shirt to wear to dinner after you land (you won’t have to add 10 minutes for an ironing). Best of all, you can dress this shirt up or down, so it’ll get lots of (wrinkle-resistant) wear.

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Best Eco-Friendly Men’s T-Shirt

Hemp-Blend T-Shirt.

Alternative Apparel Hemp Blend T-shirt

Alternative Apparel’s 20% hemp-blend tee isn’t just made with sustainable practices and materials, it’s also one of the most comforting and flattering tees you can find. It’s as durable as it is soft, ensuring that this is no “basic tee” that you toss in your undershirt pile. Choose from a handful of soft, soothing colors, though we prefer this light brown oak shade.

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Best Sweat-Wicking Men’s T-Shirt

Metal Vent Breathe Short Sleeve.

Lululemon Metal Vent Breathe T-shirt

Among all of Lululemon’s sweat-wicking workout and everyday clothing, the brand’s anti-odor Metal Vent tee may be our favorite. It has open-hole mesh ventilation so that you don’t overheat on your workout, and it’s lightweight so that it can be easily layered under heavier workout material without creating bulk. Plus, its textured design gives it added dimension and movement, all to complement the sweat-busting workout you’re about to endure.

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