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The Best Travel Clothes for Women

Traveling can be a challenge, even when you’re just hopping on a quick two-hour flight between states. Trains, planes, automobiles—all travel modes come with their own set of potential irritations. Which is why it’s imperative to make sure the clothes you travel in are easy to wear, non-restrictive, and above all, comfortable. Think pajamas, but in the form of actual clothes you wear outside of your house. Follow along for the 10 items all women should have in their traveling repertoire.

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Stretchy Leggings

Let’s start with the most predictable item on the list: the legging. Leggings are stretchy, soft, and, for most people, synonymous with all-day comfort. The Hi-Rise 7/8 Warmup pair by cult-favorite Outdoor Voices is sweat-wicking (always helpful in the event of a last-minute dash to your gate) and sits high to combat the dreaded roll-down. Plus, per one reviewer, they feel like you’re “wearing nothing.” Because who wants to feel restricted by clothes when they're already confined to a small space for hours on end?

$75 at Outdoor Voices
GAP Longline Open-Front Cardigan Sweater

Cozy Cardigan

The secret to traveling in style and comfort: layers. Gap’s Longline cardigan is oversized to hit the knee and designed to easily drape over more fitted items underneath. 


Oversized Scarf

If you’ve read the “Airline Secrets: EXPOSED” articles across the internet, then you already know that everyone’s worst fears have been confirmed: airlines do not wash the on-seat blankets. (Gasp!) But not to worry. C by Bloomingdale’s Marled Cashmere Travel Wrap has got you covered. Literally. You can wind it around the neck and body to create a cozy, comfy cocoon. And come bedtime (or the airplane-simulated bedtime)? Simply unravel and use the scarf as your very own luxe blanket.

$119 at Bloomingdale’s
Old Navy Relaxed Tencel Shirt for Women

Relaxed-Fit Shirt

In the spirit of layering, an oversized shirt is a must. This one from Old Navy is made from super-soft and silky Tencel (similar to chambray, but much softer). The relaxed cut means that it pairs perfectly with almost any style of bottom.


Flowy Pants

Some people swear by leggings when traveling, others are strictly sweatpant people. Others still don’t fall in either camp. For travelers who want something a little more formal but just as comfortable, try these J.Crew cropped knit pants. The wide-leg offers maximum comfort while lounging or walking the station, and a ribbed elastic waistband means there’s no uncomfortable digging. 

$75 at J.Crew

Packable Coat

Airplanes are notoriously cold, so it’s important to always have multiple outerwear options. The beauty of The North Face’s jacket is that, thanks to the company’s ThermoBall insulation, it’s as lightweight as it is warm. Plus, it’s compact! If it gets too hot, you can easily roll it up and store it away until needed.  An especially great option if you’re heading somewhere cold.

$199 at The North Face
lululemon Dance Studio Jogger 29"

Comfy Joggers

Love the barely-there feel of a legging, but want something a little more...substantial? Look no further than a jogger. This Dance Studio pair by Lululemon features a relaxed leg, fitted cuffs, and a drawstring waist that adds to the easy, travel-friendly vibe. We like to pair ours with a slightly tailored top to keep the outfit from looking too casual. After all, you never know who you may meet on your next 11-hour journey.


Layering T-Shirt

It’s not an overstatement to say that UNIQLO's HEATTECH Collection is one of the best things to happen to travel style. Every item in the line is lightweight, impossibly comfy, and uses your body's natural moisture to generate heat. Grab your favorite neckline—choices include turtleneck, scoop, crew, and more—and get going.

$10 at UNIQLO

Compression Socks

As any frequent flier knows, the longer you travel, the more you increase your risk for blood clots. Enter the Sockwell Women’s Circulator Graduated Compression Sock. These socks are a triple threat: they promote circulation, minimize swelling, and help reduce fatigue. And because we’d always prefer our functional items to also look good, they come in more than 15 different colors.

$20 at Amazon

All-Day Bra

The last thing anyone wants to feel while traveling (or anytime, really) is their bra cutting into their upper ribcage. The Spanx Bra-llellujah Full Coverage Bra is the answer to all of our prayers. Designed with a patented all-hosiery back, it’s unbelievably comfortable. Seriously—some people (erm, hi) even have to remind themselves to take it off before showering. It’s that good.

$68 at Nordstrom

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