5 No-Fail Airport Outfits to Look Stylish and Stay Comfortable

5 No-Fail Airport Outfits to Look Stylish and Stay Comfortable

A big part of smart traveling is bringing that right stuff. (That's kind of what we live for!) But let us tip our hat to the importance of wearing the right stuff to get to where we're going. After all, we've suffered through enough flights sans a sweater or cooped up in the wrong pants. So we've come up with some simple ground (uh, air?) rules for flight-day dressing. Clothing must be as comfortable as it is stylish, snuggly but with some sass. It that's too vague, don't fret. Below, we've nailed down five foolproof airport outfits that'll get you to your destination looking (and feeling) like a million bucks.

The Best Travel Outfit to Be Mistaken as a Cute Celebrity

We’re getting real Alexa-Chung-in-LAX vibes from this cool ensemble. The gingham blazer gives the whole thing a polished but hip business-y feel that says “I’ve got a SXSW panel to attend,” while the graphic tee takes street style straight to the departures gate. Jeans can be a controversial choice for a flight (we can’t count the times we’ve regretted wearing skinny jeans for a trip), but not these leggings-like pair from Joe’s. Our favorite bits, though, are the generous bag—perfect to fit all our travel essentials and then some—and the mules, which may just be the smartest footwear ever to go through security. The overall result feels put together but not manicured, which is exactly how celebs look when they step out the airport (ok, that’s mostly because they fly first class, but that doesn’t mean us mere mortals can’t try). Want to take your VIP creds up a notch? Don a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

The Best Travel Outfit on a Budget

If you’d rather spend your money at your destination than on what you wear to get there, then use this template for your affordable-outfit inspiration. These particular items come in at around $125 collectively. A simple white tee (do a French tuck for extra polish) and made-for-travel cropped linen pants are the perfect backdrop for this floral, flowy kimono—a striking centerpiece that exudes vacay vibes aplenty. Slip-on sneaks are ideal for quick and smooth security checks, and easy to stow away when it’s time to put on plane socks. And then, of course, the fanny pack: hands-free, full of pockets, and big enough to keep your passport, phone, and earbuds safe.

The Best Travel Outfits for Airports in the Summer

Summer travel is the best. Airports in summer, not so much. Most are way too cold, and just not very fun to be in—particularly when there’s a beach/city /nature trail waiting for you on the other side of the world. So make sure your outfit packs a punch, to boost both your mood and those of your fellow passengers. This hibiscus-printed Anthropologie jumpsuit is a good place to start. Bright and happy, it needs little styling besides maybe a straw hat and summery sneakers in this season’s hot platform profile. Pack a light jacket in your canvas backpack to fight off AC, and it’ll look like your vacation has started already.

The Best Travel Outfits for Airports in the Winter

Bringing street style to the tarmac, this winter combo is one-part cozy, one-part sleek. It’ll carry you through airport looking as elegant as Victoria Beckham heading to first class and as comfortable as Rihanna touching down at JFK. The chunky sweater and brushed-knit (but light) joggers will keep you toasty, while the 80s-style leopard-print sneaks inject a little bit of attitude.

The Best Travel Outfits for a Long-Haul Flight in First Class

First-class travel is one occasion where you can swap practicality for full-on style, and forego sneakers for heels. Once you’re on board, you’ll get fluffy slippers, blankets, and possibly pajamas anyway (we’re guessing, we don’t travel first class often), so you might as well go full Karlie Kloss at the airport. Still, because comfort is important, opting for wide leg pants like these by Wayf is a wise choice, as is wearing a lightweight, breezy top. All sensible airplane fashion rules get thrown out of the window with a longline vest and basket-weave mules (hey, they’re slip-on!), but we don’t care: a luxury flight calls for a luxury look.

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