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What to Pack for a Jersey Shore Vacation: 28 Essentials

A week at the beach should be relaxing—so don’t let packing for it stress you out. As someone who’s been vacationing at the Jersey Shore all her life, I’ve got packing for the beach down to a science. Here’s what to pack for a Jersey Shore vacation.

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Suitcase by TravelPro

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: The Suitcase

Travelpro Maxlite 3: This lightweight 22-inch suitcase is just big enough to hold all your shorts and tank tops, but not so big that you can’t fit several of them into your trunk when packing for the whole family.

$90 at Amazon

Mesh beach tote by Aruba

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: The Beach Bag

Aruba Mesh Beach Tote: This cleverly designed bag has an insulated compartment on the bottom to keep your drinks cool, plus plenty of room left up top for towels, sunscreen, and other beach necessities. There’s even a waterproof case for your cell phone.

$29 at Amazon

Flip flop

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: Shoes

  • Flip-flops: You can’t go to the beach without your favorite pair.
  • Tennis shoes: Though you can easily spend an entire Jersey Shore vacation in sandals, you’ll want some sturdier options if you’ll be jogging on the boardwalk or playing a round of golf.
  • Water shoes: These are useful if you expect to be sailing, kayaking, or doing other watersports.

Jacket by The North Face

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: The Jacket

Waterproof jacket: You’ll want a lightweight windbreaker for breezy evenings on the beach and also for the occasional rainy day. The North Face offers waterproof options for men and women.

$99 at Nordstrom

Women in sarong

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: Clothing

  • Shorts: Bring multiple pairs of shorts, preferably in light colors to keep you cool in the sun.
  • T-shirts: Again, lighter colors are best for days on the boardwalk or the mini-golf course.
  • Tank tops: Tanks are standard attire on boardwalks up and down the Jersey Shore.
  • Long pants: Bring one pair of jeans or linen pants to wear out to dinner or for cooler evenings on the boardwalk.
  • Bathing suits: You’ll want at least two swimsuits since you’ll likely be hitting the beach every day. If you’re planning on swimming in the ocean, consider one of these active swimsuits that will stand up to the waves.
  • Back from Bali Sarong: This sarong comes in nearly a dozen colors and makes an attractive beach cover-up. It’s hand-crafted by women artisans in Bali.
  • Casual dress: Women might want to pack a casual dress or two for evenings out.

Sunscreen by Banana Boat

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: Toiletries

  • Shampoo: Many people rent a house instead of staying in a hotel for their Jersey Shore vacation, which gives you more space but often means no free bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Sun Bum Conditioner Spray: This three-in-one formula conditions and detangles your hair, and protects your scalp from the sun.
  • Sunblock: A family-size bottle of sunscreen will keep the whole gang protected from the sun all week long.
  • Lip balm with SPF: Don’t forget to sun-proof your lips, too.
  • Aloe gel: Missed a spot with the sunblock? This aloe gel is soothing on sunburned skin.

Cross body bag by Dakine

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: The Purse

Dakine Jo Jo Crossbody Bag: This casual crossbody comes in multiple patterns and is just large enough to hold essentials like a water bottle and phone as you stroll along the boardwalk.

$32 at Amazon

Portable speaker by Rockspace

What to Pack for the Jersey Shore: Gadgets

  • Solar charger: Take advantage of the summer sun to keep your phone charged all day long.
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker: Any day at the beach is better with a few tunes. This small Bluetooth speaker is easy to pack, and the battery lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Kindle Paperwhite: Instead of packing a pile of books to read on the beach, load up your Kindle. It’s designed not to have a glare even in bright sunlight.

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