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Luzon Del Dia Backpack Review: A Colorful 18-Liter Daypack

The Luzon Del Dia is an 18-liter daypack made from recyclable material from cotopaxi, a company that’s putting a socially conscious twist on travel gear. The Del Dia is a colorful backpack, but what makes it special is that no two backpacks are exactly the same. This is because cotopaxi has no set color pattern for the backpack and the colors are instead chosen and designed by the factory workers in the Philippines that create them.

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Colorful travel backpack from cotopaxi: the Del Dia Daypack

Price and Where to Buy

The Luzon Del Dia Backpack is available online for $50.00 on Amazon.

$50 at Amazon

Usefulness: 7/10 – With a convenient front pocket, the Del Dia is great for a day trip but only if the weather is good. Since the top closes by drawstring, the backpack doesn’t fully close which wouldn’t be too convenient if the weather were to turn. Besides that, it is an extremely comfortable backpack with two good pockets and buckles for distributing the weight.

Value: 8/10 – For $49.95 the Del Dia is a fair price for a unique and quality-made backpack.

Durability: 10/10 – Made from repurposed ripstop nylon, the Del Dia is a very sturdy backpack and rolls up to be quite compact in storage.

Cool Factor: 10/10 – Though they are all designed by individuals, these backpacks are usually very colorful and will definitely stand out from the crowd. Additionally, knowing that it was made from recycled materials and with care by a person on the other side of the world is very special.

Final Verdict: I wouldn’t use this backpack in the rain or for a longer trip, but overall it is very functional and light for a day hike. There is a level of risk when ordering one of these backpacks because you can’t be sure you’re going to like the color combination you get, but for the same reason placing an order for the Del Dia is more exciting than placing an order for any other backpack. However, if you’re not okay with not knowing what colors you’ll get, you can order the regular Luzon Backpack on Amazon with a pre-set design. Not to mention, you’re helping support fair trade businesses and the creativity of workers in the Philippines. For more about how the Luzon Del Dia is made, see the video below.

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