16 Best Casual Fall Men’s Jackets (Or Any Time of Year, Really).

The 16 Best Casual Fall Men’s Jackets (Or Any Time of Year, Really)

We’ve got two strict requirements for the best casual fall men's jacket: First and foremost it has to keep you dry and warm—though not too warm, since fall can be as mild as it is unruly. Second, that jacket needs to look good. Obviously. Ideally, it’s wearable in the spring too, or possibly as a base layer in the winter. You shouldn’t have to pack a jacket anytime in summer, but it could stay on hand for those sporadic rainy or cold July days. Have a look at our 16 favorite men's casual jackets below. They’ll all keep you toasty, and they’ll all keep you looking great.

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Best Men's Bomber Jacket

SELECTED HOMME Black Watch Check Bomber Jacket.

This breathable bomber uses recycled wool and stands out thanks to its black watch check pattern and commanding fleece collar. Like all of Selected Homme’s assortment, it utilizes clean Scandinavian design for a polished finish—easy to dress up or down. It'll look good paired with sweatpants for a jaunt to the gym, or with a button-up as you pick up your date. (Maybe clean it between those two occasions, as it’s 100% machine washable.)


Best Men's Blouson Jacket

Everlane The Bomber Jacket | Uniform.

There are a few bomber-style jackets on this list, but they easily fall into other categories. Everlane has the best men's blouson jacket. The style stretches at its sleeves and base, and it wears close to the body so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a bulky bomber. It fits the brand’s 365-day uniform promise, in that you can pair this jacket with just about anything, and it'll stand up to at least a year's worth of constant wear and washing (meaning you can rewear it often). Which is good, because you'll want to. 

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Best Men's Collarless Jacket

Lululemon License to Train Track Jacket.

Ideal for outdoor runs or simply an errand run, Lululemon’s training jacket is versatile through and through. Not only does it look great in any situation, but it keeps you comfortable in any scenario: It’s water repellant, and the fitted cuffs prevent cold air from entering the jacket. It’s also resistant to tears and pokes, so that it gets years of wear. It even has a media pocket if you need to train with a phone on your person. Who doesn't? 


Best Men's Lightweight Cotton Jacket

POLO RALPH LAUREN Bi-Swing Windbreaker.

Lined in 100% lightweight cotton, this windbreaker from Polo Ralph Lauren stands out despite being so understated. It’s traditional in the good sense, and will stay in your wardrobe for a decade or more. It doesn’t dare call attention to itself save for the Polo embroidering, and wears cleanly at the clubhouse or the nightclub. 

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Best Men's Moto Jacket


This 100% leather jacket from Ugg is a wardrobe essential, and one that suits every type of guy. Thanks to the simple zipper, it’s not the type of moto jacket that creates an intimidating alter ego—though it suits tough guys perfectly well. Wear it to a nice dinner, at a cocktail reception, or even to your niece’s princess-themed birthday party. It not only matches all your clothes, but it also pairs well with any attitude. 


Best Men's Shirt Jacket

Eurus Shirt Jacket lululemon lab.

Pull it over or zip it up; this shirt-jacket from Lululemon is a fashionable way to stay warm, and a utilitarian way, too. It has six pockets to house your wallet, phone, keys, and more, but most of them are hidden away, so that it still looks like a proper shirt. You can trust that it has four-way stretch breathable mesh fabric, and that it dries quickly after each wash. 


Best Men's Varsity Jacket

Nylon Varsity Bomber Jacket MILLS SUPPLY BY SPLENDID.

With all due respect to classic letterman jackets, they just don’t pair well enough with the rest of your wardrobe. Instead, snag this jacket from Mills Supply by Splendid, and pay homage to the letterman jacket trend without any of the giant, unstylish letters across your chest. This varsity jacket has the makings of an all star: ribbed, striped collars and cuffs, a light-catching nylon shell, as well as a jersey yoke across the backside. Best of all, it’s machine washable. Take this one off the bench. 

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Best Men's Quilted Jacket


Like an Ugg boot in jacket form, this quilted down coat has fleece-lined pockets that'll keep hands toasty in all temps. The nylon shell resists rain, snow, and anything in between while its synthetic down stuffing delivers comfort in colder climes. Even better? It compresses, meaning you can pack it easily and without taking up precious suitcase real estate. It comes in three neutral colors, but our favorite is olive. Stand out from all the black-and-blue copycats.


Best Men's Denim Jacket

Levi's Trucker Jacket.

Is there anything more classic—or more essential to your wardrobe—than a Levi’s denim jacket? No, there isn’t. It wears beautifully in shoulder seasons, or as an outer layer in winter when paired with a hoodie or sweater. This thing will last a lifetime, and even looks sharp if you add denim patches over time. Trust us, you’ll never part with it. You'll probably even stock up on two or three other colors of the same style—but start with the staple medium stonewash. Your collection will likely grow from there. 

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Best Men's Pullover Jacket

Men's Pullover Training Hoodie Nike Therma.

If you want to feel like Michael B. Jordan training outdoors in Creed, then add this Nike pullover hoodie to your cart. It’s got a high collar to keep cold air out, as well as an adjustable hood for rain coverage ad hoc. It will keep you warm in spring and fall, won’t overheat on mild summer nights, and it also pairs well as a winter base layer (over your actual base-layer shirt, that is). It doesn’t get more universal than that. One thing—we can't promise Michael B. Jordan training results. 

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Best Men's Utility Jacket

ASOS DESIGN utility jacket in khaki.

With an oversize fit to accommodate for any bulk, this utility jacket otherwise wears light. It’s ideal for spring and fall but is also light enough that you may wear it like a shirt-jacket in winter, too—at least around the house to stay warm. The olive-green color pairs well with your jeans or dark chinos, and altogether it is far more stylish than wearing a pair of cargo shorts. (Please do not do that.)

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Best Men's Trucker Jacket

Levi's Canvas Sherpa Trucker Jacket.

Another jacket that Levi’s lands with aplomb. This sherpa-insulated trucker jacket looks like standard fare from afar, but it turns heads up close, thanks to that soft-but-sharp-looking collar that separates it from the crowd. We love that the navy blue all blends together, too, which becomes its aesthetic strength at close range. And, since it’s sherpa-lined (and quilted under the sleeves), it obviously wears comfortably and keeps you warm. You can even wash it with other blues, saving you trips to the laundromat.

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Best Men's Rain Jacket


With a thin-but-mighty Gore-Tex shell to thwart wind and rain, The North Face Dryzzle Jacket is both lightweight and breathable. (Our favorite flourish is the zippable armpit vents.) It’s designed for the active man, and at high altitudes, for that matter—though it won’t overheat you. If temps are of concern, pack a thermal base layer. However, you can tailor this jacket to your comforts, with velcro cuffs, a hem cinch cord, and adjustable hood.

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Best Men's Active Jacket


Whether you’re hiking with unpredictable temperatures or just living in San Francisco in January, this easy-to-layer jacket is a full-stop shop. You can opt for both layers or separate ones: The insulated inner liner blocks weather and low temps, while the outer one shields treacherous winds and downpours while staying breathable. It’s entirely adjustable too, from the cinch waist to the velcro cuffs, to a removable hood. Pick from five color combos, though we think this green shell stands out for the right reasons.

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Best Men's Windbreaker/Anorak Jacket

G-Star Rackam hooded anorak jacket in blue.

This G-Star half-zip pullover windbreaker can be trusted on any day, under any duress—whenever the weather itself cannot be trusted. It’s a classic design that suits active lifestyles or frequent grocery runs. You can unzip the sides for added ventilation or pull over the hood to shield yourself from the elements. It’s packed with pockets for added utility, and has a soft inner lining that feels like you’re being swaddled. 

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Best Men's Fleece Jacket


This The North Face jacket is so comfy you could fall asleep in it. The recycled sherpa fleece keeps you warm in shoulder season, or works as a reliable base layer in the winter. Elbow patches preserve its construction, though The North Face’s lifetime warranty preserves your incentive to purchase. While you can pick from five colors, we suggest cardinal red to stand out from the flock of fleece wearers. It’s a statement in itself, but one that still pairs well with any outfit or personality. 

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