33 Best Ugg Boots for Every Occasion, Person, and Age.
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The 33 Best Ugg Boots for Every Occasion, Person, and Age

Pop-culture history lesson! Way back in 2000, Oprah put Uggs on her “Favorite Things” list and within a few years celebs like Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and even Ben Affleck started wearing the big fuzzy boots out and about. The trend cooled a bit in the 2010s, but the brand got busy crafting sneakers, sandals, loafers, slippers, and other non-pull-on-boot styles. Now, whether you’re looking for a travel-friendly sneaker or a padding-around-the-hotel-room kind of moccasin, you’ll find a crazy-comfy style from Ugg. Read on for the men’s, women’s, and kids' styles we’re eyeing this season.

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The Best UGGs for Women


Best Uggs All-Around for Women

Classic II Genuine Shearling Lined Short Boot UGG®.

Classic II Genuine Shearling Lined Short Boot

The early 2000s saw the meteoric rise of the Ugg boot, thanks to Oprah and the debut of the pull-on boots in pastel pink and blue. While the company has really broadened their catalog since then (see: slip-on sneakers, loafers, and even sandals), the Classic IIs are still the shoe to beat. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the next-level comfort afforded by soft sheepskin and suede.

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Best Ugg Boots for Women

UGG Bandara Ankle Boot.

Bandara Suede Ankle Boot

If sheepskin Uggs just aren’t for you, try these suede ankle boots on for size. The versatile Bandara—available in black and brown leather, black and brown suede, and gray suede—features a stacked leather heel, a rear zipper, and Western-esque stitching that’s perfect for fall.

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Best Ugg Loafers for Women


Hailey Loafers

We’re big fans of loafers, but too often, leather options require a lot of break in and blisters. If you’re sick of layering on the Band-Aids and hoping for the best, give your heels a break with the outdoor-ready, sheepskin-stuffed Haileys.

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Best Ugg Sandals for Women


Braelynn Sandal

Ugg may be best known for its boots, but the brand makes some A+ sandals as well. With patent leather straps and an inch-and-a-half platform sole, the super-lightweight Braelynn sandal is great for all manner of warm-weather occasions. Pair them with distressed jeans and a tee while going on a walking tour or slip them on with a midi dress and jean jacket for weekend brunch. 


Best Ugg Sneakers for Women

UGG Zilo.

Zilo Sneakers

Looking to add a versatile sneaker to your wardrobe? Check out the Zilo. Available in silver, black, tan and gray suede, and white, the leather platform kicks are easy to pair with everything from jeans and a tee to a silk skirt and leather jacket.

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Best Women's Uggs for Serious Walking


Sammy Chevron Sneaker

Whether you’re hitting Museum Mile in New York City or shopping the souks in Marrakech, the last thing you want to deal with is blisters and sweaty feet. The Sammy slip-on sneaker is a soft, lightweight option with a perforated knit that allows your feet to breathe.


Best Women's Uggs for Cold Weather

Adirondack III Waterproof Boot UGG®.

Adirondack III Waterproof Boot

There’s a lot to love about Ugg’s winter-ready Adirondacks. Rated for temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the boots have molded rubber outsoles that flex even in freezing conditions and offer great traction. Their waterproof construction ensures the signature wool lining—and your toes—stays nice and dry. Sloshing through puddles in a city, trudging through snow drifts in the mountains…these boots can handle it all and keep you cozy.

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Best Women's Uggs for Wet Weather

UGG Heather Boot.

Heather Boot

Sheepskin and rain don’t really jibe, but that’s exactly when these duck-boot-style shoes shine. Constructed from waterproof leather and suede and fitted with an all-weather sole, the ankle boots are Ugg’s answer to rain and slush. They hold up well to cold, too: one Zappos reviewer wore the Heathers for a 10-day trekking trip through Germany in December, reporting she “never had cold or sore feet.”

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Best Women's Uggs for All-day Sightseeing

UGG Jass.

Jass Slip-Ons

If you know you have hours of walking ahead of you and you’re not a huge fan of athletic shoes, these suede platform slide-ons are a great option. Stylish yet comfortable, the simple kicks have an EVA footbed and synthetic sock liner that helps reduce friction and prevent blisters.

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Best Women's Uggs for Lounging

Wrin Slipper UGG.

Wrin Slippers

We’d argue that any wool-lined Ugg is ideal for lounging, but if we’re really splitting hairs here, we’ll give our heartiest nod to the delightfully fluffy Wrin slipper. With a rubber outsole and water-resistant suede and sheepskin construction, the moccasins are great for relaxing indoors or running a quick errand.

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Best Women's Uggs for Long-Distance Flights

Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slipper UGG.

Fluff Yeah

Comfort is king on a long-haul flight and that’s precisely why the celeb-loved (and adorably named) Fluff Yeah is our footwear of choice for this scenario. With a lightweight sole and an easy on/off slingback strap that comes particularly in handy at airport security, the Fluff Yeah slipper is the ultimate travel companion (and compliment bait).

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Best Women's Uggs for Nights Out


Zoe II Metallic Wedge

We’re gonna be real here—we never thought we’d see the day when the phrase “best Uggs for a night out” made any sort of sense. But here we are, looking through Ugg’s parade of platforms, slides, and metallic options, trying to suss out the cutest of the bunch. Our pick? This cushioned gold wedge that easily transitions from day to night.

The Best Uggs for Men


Best Uggs All-Around for Men

UGG Hannen TL.

Hannen Boot

With unanimous five-star ratings on ugg.com and Zappos, the lightweight, lace-up Hannen is the best all-around choice for guys. In addition to its seam-sealed waterproof construction, the boot has plush wool lining, moisture-wicking insoles, and a seven-inch shaft that keeps out rain, snow, and ice come winter.

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Best Ugg Boots for Men


Seton TL Boot

Much like the Hannen, the lace-up Seton TL gets rave reviews for its waterproof leather exterior and cozy wool-lined interior. While the boot is billed as winter- and work-ready, its smart stout color and suede-ringed top lends it a cool edge. Pair the boots with dark, cuffed denim and a shirt jacket for casual dinners and nights out.


Best Ugg Moccasin/Loafer for Men


Henrick Loafer

This classic driving moccasin is ideal for most occasions—at home or on the road. Wear them to them to the airport and you’ll have no trouble slipping them off and on as you go through security, pair them with chinos and a button-up for the dinner reservation you’ve been patiently awaiting, or slip them on with jeans and a tee for casual museum, shopping, and sightseeing outings.


Best Ugg Sandals/Slides for Men

UGG Seaside Flip Tasmania.

Seaside Flip Tasmania Sandal

Planning a warm-weather vacay (or just looking for a pair of sandals to pad around your backyard in)? Ugg’s version of a flip-flop has a cushioned, lightweight sole offering all-day comfort and sheepskin-lined straps promising blister-free wear.

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Best Ugg Sneakers for Men

UGG Cali Sneaker High.

Cali Sneaker High

Ugg’s high-top sneaker is the shoe that just goes with everything, be it chinos, jeans, or joggers. Not only are the leather kicks stylish, but they’re also comfortable with built-in arch support and antimicrobial cushioning that wicks away sweat.

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Best Men's Uggs for Walking

UGG Miwo Trainer Low.

Miwo Trainer Low

Few things can sour a day of sightseeing quicker than uncomfortable shoes. We’ve all been there—applying Band-Aid atop of Band-Aid in a bid to keep exploring—but why risk the pain when you pick a shoe made for all-day wear? The Miwo Trainer ensures comfort with built-in arch support to absorb shock and high-traction outsoles.

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Best Men's Uggs for Cold Weather

Butte Waterproof Boot UGG®.

Butte Waterproof Boot

Planning a trip to Aspen or just trying to keep your toes warm for your winter commute? Ugg’s Butte Boot is the answer. Rated for temperatures as low as minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit, the waterproof winter boot is outfitted with warm sherpa and wool lining and high-traction outsoles that prevent slips. Butte’s 8.5-inch shaft protects your ankles from snow, slush, and ice.

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Best Men's Uggs for Wet Weather

UGG Zetik Waterproof.

Zetik Waterproof Boot

If you’ve ever stepped in a puddle first thing in the morning, you know how awful it is to go a whole day with wet socks. Rather than have to turn back to your hotel or house for a fresh pair, opt for waterproof duck boots. The full-grain leather Zetik features a vulcanized rubber outsole that keeps rain and snow out, plus the brand’s signature wool insole that wicks away moisture and keeps toes toasty.

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Best Men's Uggs for All-day Sightseeing


Cali Chukka

Exploring the Louvre in Paris, tackling the Freedom Trail in Boston, or just checking off a lot of errands on your to-do list at home? Good walking shoes are essential. This laid-back chukka boot offers style and comfort with a suede exterior, arch support, and a breathable leather insole. Plus—big plus—they weigh less than most smartphones, at just 8.5 ounces. Great news for your feet and your carry-on.

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Best Men's Uggs Slippers for Lounging

UGG Olsen.

Olsen Slippers

The company has a lot of lounge-friendly footwear to choose from, but with nearly 500 rave reviews, the loafer-like Olsen is hard to outdo. It’s perfect for lazy weekends, coffee runs, and hotel staycations.

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Best Men's Uggs for Long-Distance Flights

Ascot Leather Slipper UGG.

Ascot Leather Slipper

Sneakers are great for long days of walking around a destination, but their laces can be a pain in an airport or on a plane. If you like to slip your shoes off on a long flight without negotiating the shoestrings, the slipper-like Ascot is your ideal travel shoe. The leather loafer is lined with moisture-wicking wool for exceptional comfort but they also have gum outsoles which ensure they’re ready for outdoor wear. Psst: the style has more than 1,000 rave reviews on Nordstrom and more than 3,000 on Zappos.

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Best Men's Uggs for Nights Out


Baldvin Boot

A Chelsea boot is one of the most versatile, travel-friendly shoes you can own. Ugg’s take on the timeless design—the chestnut leather Baldvin—features suede construction and a super-cushioned insole akin to sneakers, so they’re as great for sightseeing as nights out. 

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The Best Uggs for Kids


Best Uggs for Babies


Lemmy II Bootie

Let’s be real—baby shoes are freaking adorable, but more often than not, they end up on the floor after just a few minutes. Ugg’s tiny button booties offer a solution to wiggly little toes, though: a hook-and-loop closure. The feature also makes the Lemmy—which is lined with plush wool and available in sizes for 0 to 18 months—that much easier to slide on and off.


Best Uggs for Toddlers (Boy)


Rennon II

Here, the ultimate cool shoe for tots. The high-top sneaker is constructed from suede and leather, with the brand’s signature wool spilling out over the top seams. Two Velcro straps help your toddler (or you) slip them on and off. 


Best Uggs for Toddlers (Girl)


Bailey Button II Boot

Ugg made the button-close Bailey boot quite literally with toddler development in mind. If your little one is just getting a hang of this whole walking thing, this boot’s rocker-bottom—which gives the boot a barefoot feel—and bouncy soles will help them feel confident in each step they take.


Best Uggs for Kids (Girl)


Classic II Short Stars Boot

If you’ve got a girly girl on your hands, you really can’t do better than these fuchsia star-print boots. Not only are they fun, but they’re pretreated to repel moisture and stains, so whether they accidentally jump in a puddle or drop a ketchup-covered French fry on them, cleanup will prove easier than expected.


Best Uggs for Kids (Boy)

Callum Water Resistant Chelsea Boot UGG.

Callum Water-Resistant Chelsea Boot

There’s nothing cuter than little kid shoes—especially when they’re just a miniature version of mom or dad’s. Ugg’s kid-friendly Chelsea boot features a water-resistant suede exterior and elastic panels at the ankles which make them easy to wrangle on and off.

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Best Uggs for Tween (Girl)

UGG Bailey Bow II.

Bailey Bow II

If you would have asked us to design our ultimate shoe back when we were a tween, we’re fairly sure we would have come up with something similar to this bow-accented boot. The Bailey is constructed from supremely soft sheepskin and suede; the back is tied up in looping bows; and it comes in 13 wondrous colors from pink crystal to deep periwinkle.


Best Uggs for Tween (Boy)

UGG Neumel.

Neumel Boot

The chukka-esque Neumel nails style and comfort with an interior that feels like a slipper. Thanks to their suede exterior, the boots will go with just about everything in your tween’s closet, so they don’t have to worry about dressing around them.

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Best Uggs for Teen (Girl)

UGG Hillhurst II.

Hillhurt II Boots

If your teen is *so over* Ugg’s classic sheepskin boots, pick them up a pair of these waterproof suede Chelseas. Great for fall, winter, and spring, the seam-sealed style is built with a durable rubber outsole and a modest one-inch heel. Plus, they pair well with skinny jeans, midi skirts, and most likely whatever else it is she’s wearing these days.

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Best Uggs for Teen (Boy)

Australia Dagmann Chukka Boot UGG®.

Dagmann Boot

With a leather chukka design, the Dagmann is effortlessly cool. Even better, it offers a super-cushioned insole which makes it as comfortable as a sneaker so your teen will have no trouble being on their feet whether at school or on vacation.

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