All-Time Best Men’s Jeans That Are Comfortable Enough for Travel.

The All-Time Best Men’s Jeans That Are Comfortable Enough for Travel

We know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of men's jeans. Of course, your jeans need to look amazing. But also apply these criteria to your jeans selection: Can you spend a long flight wearing them? Will they suit you for days of sightseeing, and numerous occasions (like nice dinners, urban hikes, or city pub crawls)? How do they *feel*? Are they comfortable enough to walk in, and sit in? Are they high quality, or will they split after a week of thigh rubbing? The men's jeans below check all the important boxes. Oh, and they're stylish too. 


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The Best Straight-Leg Men’s Jeans

Straight-leg men’s jeans flatter your lower half, but they don’t hug your legs all the way to the ankles. Past the knees, they loosen a bit but are still far from baggy. They’re easily the most universal men’s jeans you can wear, as they flatter on any form and for any occasion. Levi’s 501s are one of their most classic cuts—and thus, one of the most definitive cuts you yourself can buy—while both Bonobos and APC also offer high-quality fabric and a comfortable, stylish fit. (The APC raw denim will take a couple weeks to work into, by the way. That’s high quality in action.) Any big city you go to with these three jeans in your suitcase, and you’ll blend in with style.

Pick 1: Levi’s 501s ‘93 Straight Fit Jeans

501® '93 Straight Men's Jeans.

Buy Now at Levi's

Pick 2: Bonobos Premium-Stretch Jeans

Bonobos Premium Stretch Jeans.

Buy Now at Bonobos

Pick 3: APC Petit Standard Black Stretch Jeans


Shop now at APC

The Best Cheap Men’s Jeans Under $50

Cheap jeans don’t have to be cheap in quality. And, they might be your smartest investment if you don’t wear jeans frequently, or you like to change styles regularly. Look to big-name brands like Old Navy, Jack & Jones, or UNIQLO for mass-produced jeans that promise both comfort in travel and stylishness upon arrival. Best of all, the three of them all offer a slight stretch to fit your exact form. You can get them in just about any size, fit, and color, so shop around until you find something that suits you. After all, even if they’re less expensive than other brands, they’re still a smart investment.

Pick 1: UNIQLO Tapered EZY Jeans


Shop Now at UNIQLO

Pick 2: Jack & Jones Skinny-Fit Stretch Jeans

Jack & Jones Skinny-Fit Stretch Jeans.

Shop Now at ASOS

Pick 3: Old Navy Relaxed Slim-Fit Flex Jeans

Relaxed Slim Built-In Flex Jeans For Men.

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The Best Men’s Skinny Jeans

If you’ve got the legs to pull them off—or rather, pull them on—then skinny jeans might be the most flattering option. Good for thick and skinny legs alike, slim-fit jeans leave no secrets through the calves and thighs, but they’re also ideal for things like skateboarding, fancy dinners (paired with a nice blazer), and for straight-up showing off fashion cred. It’s important to get a pair with a little stretch—especially if you’ll wear them on a flight—like the options from Volcom, Levi’s, and Everlane here, because skinny jeans often need to be “trained” and relaxed to your body. Tight as they may be on first wear, they will steadily adjust to your form. (So maybe break them in before you fly.)

Pick 1: Volcom Vorta Slim Fit Jeans


Shop Now at Vorta

Pick 2: 510™ Skinny Fit Men’s Jeans

510™ Skinny Fit Men's Jeans.

Shop Now at Levi's

Pick 3: The Skinny Fit Jean 

Everlane The Skinny Fit Jean.

Shop Now at Everlane

The Best Loose or Baggy Men’s Jeans

If spaciousness is what you prefer in a pair of men’s jeans, then opt for a looser or baggier fit. Luckily, we aren’t (yet) reviving the low-riding JNCO style of the late ’90s, but there are numerous stylish options for bigger legs, chiller dads, and more comfortable travel days. Gap’s athletic taper jean should be considered a wardrobe essential since they pair well with any shirt. Carhatt makes an aesthetically appealing workman’s pant, while Lee’s are labeled “straight leg” but offer ample room to fill them out. The Gap and Lee picks are both easy to dress up or wear to the office, and current style trends would suggest the same of the Carhartts.

Pick 1: Gap Athletic Taper Jeans

Gap Athletic Taper Jeans with GapFlex.

Shop Now at Gap

Pick 2: Carhartt Traditional-Fit Tapered Leg Jeans


Shop Now at Carhartt

Pick 3: Lee Extreme-Motion Straight-Leg Jeans

Lee Modern Series Extreme Motion Straight Fit.

Shop Now at JCPenney

The Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

Whether your bum is bigger than most, or you simply have some generously portioned upper legs, then your blessing is also met with a curse: It’s hard finding a pair of men’s jeans that fit wider legs. These three picks are terrific solutions for you, and not just for their light elasticity. They all suit different aspects of your personality too: Get the Volcoms for casual weekends away, the UNIQLOs for the work trip, and the Levi’s for everything in between.

Pick 1: Volcom Modown Jeans


Shop Now at Volcom

Pick 2: UNIQLO Ultra-Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans


Shop Now at UNIQLO

Pick 3: Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper Advanced Stretch Jeans

541™ Athletic Taper Advanced Stretch Men's Jeans

Shop Now at Levi's

The Best Black Jeans for Men

You need at least one pair of black men’s jeans—they’re a wardrobe staple. Black jeans are a pretty general idea: They can be loose fitting, straight legged, or practically painted on. And best of all, when it comes to travel, you can wear them the longest without a wash (unless they’re starting to smell a bit funky). Bonobos’ black jeans are suitable for work, and extremely comfy. BDG’s “Dad Jeans” are for cool dads—the laid-back type who likes a straight-fit leg. Ditto for Vans, though maybe that’s a pair for Dad’s wave-chasing, concert-going, jet-setting son. 

Pick 1: Bonobos Travel Jeans

Bonobos Travel Jeans.

Shop Now at Bonobos

Pick 2: BDG Solid Black Dad Jeans

BDG Solid Black Dad Jean.

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters

Pick 3: Vans V16 Jeans


Shop Now at Vans

The Best Ripped Skinny Jeans for Men

Ripped skinny jeans are often the hardest pants to shop for, because those rips and tears can often go too far. You’re tiptoeing on a thin line between stylishness and showing too much skin. Luckily, there are numerous brands you can trust to help you look the former: Acne is chief among them with its slim-rise, natural-tear jeans. ASOS’ spray-on jeans give the right vibes for your skateboarding lifestyle (and have enough stretch for travel, too), while Cotton On’s does the same, except in a lighter blend that suits fancy dinners on the coast or evening sets at your favorite music festival. Don’t be surprised if ripped jeans are your new favorite jeans.

Pick 1: Acne Low-Rise Slim Jeans

Low-rise slim jeans indigo blue.

Shop Now at Acne Studios

Pick 2: ASOS Design Spray-On Stretch Denim

ASOS DESIGN spray on jeans in power stretch denim in black with knee rip

Shop Now at ASOS

Pick 3: Cotton On Super Skinny Jeans

Cotton On Men Super Skinny Jean.

Shop Now at Cotton On

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