Best Men’s Sweaters, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts to Stay Cozy.

Best Men’s Sweaters, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts to Stay Cozy

It’s a tough pill to swallow at first, but we’re finally ready to trade summer’s swelter for autumn’s sweaters. After a thorough audit of the season’s best men's sweaters, hoodies, and sweatshirts, we’re none too upset about the lower temperatures. There are so many options to keep us warm and toasty, without compromising on style. (That is, unless it’s an Ugly Holiday Sweater competition. Then compromised style is encouraged and rewarded.) These are 21 of the best men's sweaters we’re eyeing for the seasons ahead. There are a few wardrobe staples, some splurges, some bargains, and all-out comfy coziness.

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Best Men’s Cardigan Sweater

Séfr Gote Patchwork Open-Knit Cardigan.

Séfr Gote Patchwork Open-Knit Cardigan

If you’re going to wear a cardigan these days, then it needs to be a statement piece—or else you’ll look like Mr. Rogers (which was on-trend in 2010). Séfr nails the cardigan landing here, with a sweater that looks ready for the holidays and the runway alike. Pair it with a collared button-down for extra style points.


Best Men’s Sweatshirt

Nike Club Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Blue.

Nike Club Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt 

This blue is the color to wear right now, and these days you can wear sweatshirts to just about any occasion—the gym, the club, the bed. You’ll look casual cool with this Nike sweatshirt, but will feel warm enough to preserve every bit of that confidence. This one's a classic. 

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Best Men's Sweater Vest

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Vest - Men's.

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Vest

We’re just as skeptical about the sweater vest as the rest of you. But Patagonia did us all a favor by lobbing the sleeves off its fleece jackets and gifting the world with this full-zip fleece sweater. It’s warm, it looks great, and best of all, nobody is going to call it a “sweater vest." If you work in tech, you probably already own several of these. 

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Best Men’s Hoodie


Adidas Z.N.E. Fast Release Hoodie

A sweat-wicking zip-up hoodie that allows for “fast release”—that is, you don’t have to peel it off as it tries clinging sweatily to your body. It’s perfect for long-distance runs in the crisp fall weather, or late-night movie marathons as you wait for the pizza delivery guy. 


Best Men’s Wool Sweater

BARNEYS NEW YORK Wool Turtleneck Sweater.

Barneys New York Wool Turtleneck Sweater

Here’s a wardrobe staple we all need: a well-structured, high-quality, black, wool, turtleneck sweater. That’s a lot of qualifications! Very sweaters will clear the bar, but this one from Barneys sails right over it. It will get lots of wear during the colder months for years to come. 


Best Men’s Shawl Collar Sweater

Cardiff Shawl Cardigan RAG & BONE.

Rag & Bone Cardiff Shawl Cardigan

This black shawl-collar cardigan plays multiple positions on your wardrobe team, be it as a warm and casual outer layer, or as a dressed-up (and buttoned-up) frame for a more fancy collar underneath. It’s made of merino wool, too, so we won't blame you for wanting to swaddle yourself and sleep in it on a flight, either. 

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Best Men’s Ralph Lauren Cardigan

Polo Ralph Lauren The Iconic Flag Sweater.

Ralph Lauren Iconic Flag Sweater

No brand is as timelessly Americana as Ralph Lauren, and this American flag sweater (with 13 stars, like the flag that inspired the Star Spangled banner) is practically a collector’s item. It’s made from cotton and pairs well with any pants or shorts, so it will get mileage on breezy spring and summer nights, just as it will during the long, cold winter.

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Best Men’s Gap Sweater

Breton Stripe Crewneck Sweater.

Gap Breton Stripe Crewneck Sweater

A bold color, and an unusual pattern block—this Gap sweater stands out for all the right reasons, and upstages every other sweater in the room. Plus, a wool-blend knit with ribbed hems ensures it feels as comfy as it looks cool. We think it would incredible under a denim jacket

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Best Men’s Target Sweater

Men's Standard Fit Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Sherpa Collar Sweater.

Goodfellow & Co 1/4 Zip Sherpa Collar Sweater

This cotton-and-polyester sweater suits dressed-down days at the house, as well as dressed-up visits to the in-laws’ place—plus the deep green color matches pretty much everything. The zip-up sherpa collar adds warmth, and polyester gives the sweater extra stretch and a comfy fit. At this price, you can buy it in forest green and beachcomber white.

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Best Men's Cheap Sweater

Hanes ComfortBlend® EcoSmart® Crew Sweatshirt.

Hanes ComfortBlend EcoSmart Crew Sweatshirt

A crewneck sweatshirt is a wardrobe essential, too, whether you’re a football-tossing dad or a bottomless brunch-loving twentysomething. A classic gray sweatshirt—and specifically Hanes—is all American in all the right ways. And this version is both cost- and eco-friendly, made with recycled plastic. 

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Best Men's Splurge Sweater

MAISON MARGIELA Striped Wool Turtleneck Sweater.

Maison Margiela Striped Wool Turtleneck Sweater

This lightweight wool turtleneck stopped us mid-scroll, and we can’t shake it from our brains. It’s equal parts simple but stunning, all the way down to that unexpected slit in the neckline. If budget is no concern, then this sweater is worth the squeeze—plus it’ll pair neatly with the rest of your fall wardrobe.


Best Men's JCPenney Sweater

Van Heusen Flex V Neck Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater.

Van Heusen Flex V-Neck Sweater 

The v-neck will never die, a fact proven by sweaters like this Van Heusen number. It wears sharp with a button-up (or button-down), and is a more “cleaned up” choice than a crew-neck sweater with the same structure. We especially love it layered under a fall jacket.

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Best Men’s Old Navy Sweater

Everyday Textured Crew-Neck Sweater for Men.

Old Navy Textured Crew Neck Sweater

This 100% cotton, two-toned sweater has a rib-knit hem at the collar, cuffs, and base. It maintains a snug hold, wash after wash, and catches the eye more easily than a standard-fare gray or blue option. 

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Best Men’s Christmas Sweater

Chamula Fair Isle Crew Neck Sweater.

Chamula Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater

It’s fair to associate Fair Isle designs with the holiday season; if you see one, your entire body feels warm and toasty. So, imagine wearing one, especially if it’s as cozy as this merino-wool pick from Chamula. Happy holidays! 

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Best Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Men's Ugly Christmas Llama Drink Pocket Sweater - Red.

33 Degrees Llama Drink Pocket Sweater

Since you’re only gonna wear this men's sweater once or twice a year, you need to make it memorable. And what’s cheekier than a friendly, festive llama, with a pocket to hold your beer? Not only will you win the Ugly Sweater Contest at the company party, but you’ll also get plenty of “awwws” and “ahahahas."

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Best Men’s Turtleneck Sweater

Newtrik Turtleneck Sweater TED BAKER LONDON.

Ted Baker London Newtrik Turtleneck Sweater

Part wool, part cashmere, this turtleneck fits snug and wears well with layers or as a standalone piece. Plus, the fitted turtleneck prevents you from awkward foldovers up top. Check out the fine trim details at the cuffs and hem. 

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Best Men’s Cashmere Sweater

Everlane The ReCashmere Crew.

Everlane ReCashmere Crew Sweater

Everlane’s ReCashmere line uses recycled cashmere and merino wool to reduce their carbon footprint during production—and the result feels as soft as the brand’s 100% cashmere options, too. This bright yellow stands out and flatters any bottom half, without being polarizing. Add a little sunshine to your wardrobe. 

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Best Men’s Athletic Sweatshirt

City Sweat Pullover Hoodie.

Lululemon City Sweat Pullover Hoodie

With four-way stretch and sweat-wicking fabric that breathes, this Lululemon hoodie excels at keeping you warm while expelling excess moisture. It's made of soft terry that promotes at-home wear just as much as at-the-gym wear. The best of both worlds, really. 


Best Men’s Cableknit Sweater

Akalbe Crewneck Cotton Blend Sweater BOSS.

BOSS Akalbe Crewneck Cotton Blend Sweater

Cable stitch, cable knit… tomato, tomahto. This cotton-wool sweater adopts the traditional cable-knit method and turns it into something unique: a textured, lighter-weight crewneck that doesn’t feel as seasonal as a bulky, full-on cable knit. Welcome to your new favorite sweater. 

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Best Men’s Striped Sweater

O'Hanlon Mills Textured Stripe Crew Neck Sweater.

O’Hanlon Mills Textured Stripe Crew Neck Sweater 

Even we thought that this prize would go to a traditional striped sweater, but this wonderfully loud piece from O’Hanlon Mills runs laps around the others. It’s got all kinds of geometry in each vertical stripe (or horizontal, on the sleeves), plus depth and movement thanks to the various textures. This one's a showstopper. 

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Best Men’s Banana Republic Sweater

Heritage Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater.

Banana Republic Heritage Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

This timeless, ribbed wool turtleneck looks like something Joey would have worn on Friends, but it’s also something we see parading around NYC's SoHo today. You’ll wear it year after year, making it a great investment, and an easy "add to cart."

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