The Best Sports Bras for Bounce-Free Workouts

Having the right gear can make or break a workout, especially when it comes to securing what’s on top. Ever had to run with your hands over your chest? Or futzed with falling-down straps for a whole Zumba class? We certainly have. But with the right sports bra, you can actually focus on your workout and not your boob situation. The ones we like are supportive, sweat-curbing, comfy, and cute. Bounce-free burpees, here you come.

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Best Sports Bra Overall

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra.

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra

Can one bra rule them all? This Outdoor Voices best-seller definitely ticks just about every bra box we can think of. Its thick under band is supportive but not constricting—in fact, reviewers frequently say they forget they’re even wearing a bra. The lightweight fabric is designed to wick away sweat, and the mesh racer-back provides airflow to further cool you down, details that mean this bra can help you power through the hottest days or toughest workouts. Oh, and did we mention that it’s also one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite things?

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Best Sports Bra for Small Chests


Sweaty Betty Victory Sports Bra.

Sweaty Betty Victory Sports Bra

Gym rats, Cross-fitters, and yogis who are a little more petite up top might appreciate the Sweaty Betty Victory bra’s uplifting features. Padded cups plus a fitted under band lend shape and support to the chest, while the lean back straps ensure that the fabric never digs into the skin. Bonus: this bra unhooks like a regular one, meaning the days of awkwardly shimmying and squirming to get out of one after a sweaty workout are in the past. 

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Best Sports Bra for Large Chests

Panache Women's Underwire Sports Bra.

Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Many sports bras promise comfort and support to well-endowed exercisers, but Panache’s underwire version actually delivers. How do we know? This bra was developed and tested using 3-D motion technology at Loughborough University in the U.K. Translation: it’s scientifically engineered to reduce bounce by up to 83%(!), thereby boosting comfort. The molded cups not only reduce friction via their smooth material, they brace each breast individually, providing more support than those that compress and “smush down” the entire chest.

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Best Sports Bra for Running

Brooks Dare Cross-Back Bra.

Brooks Dare Cross-Back Bra

Whether you’re hitting the pavement in a new city, sprinting on your hotel’s treadmill, or weaving through trails in a national park, the last thing you want to be doing is adjusting your workout gear. The Brooks Dare bra was designed specifically for runners (and tested on them too!) with features that can handle high-intensity exercise. The seamless silhouette contours to the body while in motion, but the super-soft fabric won’t leave you with post-run chafing marks.

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Best Sports Bra for CrossFit

Determination Legacy Crop Bra.

New Balance Determination Legacy Crop Bra

When you’re rotating through a motley crew of movements like burpees, deadlifts, jumping jacks, and chin-ups, you need a bra that stays put. This newly launched New Balance bra won’t budge, even when you’re going in a zillion different directions. Its four-way stretch fabric ensures a fit that’s snug but won’t cramp your ability to move freely. Thin straps connect to a higher back panel than most bras, meaning they won’t slide off and distract you from hitting that WOD PR.

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Best Sports Bra for Yoga


Athleta Hyper Focused Longline Bra A-C.

Athleta Hyper Focused Longline Bra

Yogis of all stripes and practices will want Athleta’s Longline bra (available in cup sizes A through DD) in their rotation. Skinny, criss-crossing straps won’t move slide around during shoulder stands or dancer poses and the light padding provides support for more dynamic Vinyasa classes. The longer, more crop-top-like length means that during hotter classes you can ditch the tanks or T-shirts (that inevitably come off anyway!) and use this bra as a top.

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Best Sports Bra for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Enlite Bra High Support, A–E Cups.

Lululemon Enlite Bra

Exercising with upper-back aches calls for gear that gives you extra love and support. The Enlite bra by Lululemon is designed for running without aggravating aches and pains. Extra-wide straps bolster both shoulders and neck, while buttery smooth fabric is super comfy on skin and won’t dig into already-sore muscles.


Best Moisture-Wicking Sports Bra

Glamorise Women's Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra.

Glamorise Double-Layer Custom Control Sport Bra

Sweating is pretty much par for the course for workouts, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try to keep it at bay. Part of our sweat-proofing arsenal is this Glamorise bra, designed with quick-dry cups that whisk away perspiration and perforated fabric that lets air in. No waterfall between the boobs here!

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Best Sports Bra with Padding

Avia Women's Active Molded Cup Sports Bra.

Avia Women’s Active Molded Cup Sports Bra

Many padded bras tend to get misshapen or floppy after a few washes, but the built-in pads in this Avia bra endure the test of time, the laundry cycle, and countless workout classes. The molded cups lift the bust and offers full coverage.

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Best Sports Bra with Adjustable Straps

Sweaty BettyUltra Run Sports Bra.jpg

Sweaty Betty Ultra Run Sports Bra

Coming in with three-way adjustable straps, the Sweaty Betty Ultra Run Bra allows wearers to get a really personalized fit. Similar to a traditional bra, this design has a hook and eye closure that let you modify the size around the chest. The shoulder straps can made be shorter or longer and a clever hook turns it from a scoop-back to a racer-back in seconds.

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Best Racer-Style Sports Bra


Reebok PureMove Bra

Smart technology is everywhere these days—it’s even in workout gear. Reebok’s PureMove bra is designed with a special fabric that reacts and adapts to your movements, providing support where you need it most. If you’re sitting around, the top is incredibly stretchy, but if you stand up for some impromptu jumping jacks or burpees, the bra’s innovative fabric stiffens to keep boob motion at bay. And in case you needed further proof of this bra’s innovator status, consider this: it was named one of the world’s best inventions by Time Magazine in 2018.

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Best Cheap Sports Bra to Buy in Bulk

AKAMC Women's Removable Padded Sports Bras.

AKAMC Sports Bra

Switch up your workout without switching up your bra. AKAMC’s sport bra has a versatile design that’s supportive enough for the gym, but comfy enough for restorative yoga. Removable pads can be taken out depending on what level of support you’re looking for and the strappy racer-back design stays put when you’re moving—and looks cute under cut-out tanks. 

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Best Sports Bra on Amazon

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Women.

Fittin Racerback Sports Bra

With an affordable price tag and details that measure up to costlier options, it’s no surprise that Fittin’s racer-back sports bra boasts nearly 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Both small-chested and bustier wearers admitted being skeptical that this bra could be so comfy, supportive, and still cater to people of all sizes—but they were soon won over, thanks to its stretchy, ventilated fabric, wide shoulder straps, and lifting racerback design. 

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