The Best Handheld Steamers You Can Buy For a Wrinkle-Free Travel Wardrobe

Unzipping your suitcase to a wrinkle-free wardrobe is a pipe dream. But a good clothing steamer can quickly turn that reverie into reality. So go ahead, pack your favorite wrinkle-prone linens, cottons, and silks. We’ve rounded up the seven best travel steamers that will smooth out your rumpled mess with minimal effort. 

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Travel Steamer FAQs

Why Do I Need a Travel Steamer?

Besides tackling wardrobe wrinkle emergencies easier and faster than an iron, a travel steamer also removes carpet stains, kills dust mites and bed bugs, and sanitizes surfaces to 99.9% germ free.

How Do They Work?

Like electric tea kettles, travel steamers have a heating element and metal rod that brings the water temperature to boiling. The steam escapes through a narrow opening, which you direct at your hanging garment to loosen the wrinkles. Most travel steamer models must be used upright, though some can be tilted and used horizontally.

What to Look for In a Travel Steamer?

  • Power (watts): Steamers with higher wattage typically heat up quicker and create a more powerful burst to de-wrinkle faster and handle thicker fabrics like denim.
  • Water capacity: Generally the larger the tank, the longer the steam will last.
  • Heat up time: Zero to boiling can range from 30 seconds to two minutes of wait time.
  • Steam duration: Power and water tank size determine how long your steam will last. Higher power usually burns through a tank more quickly.
  • Portability: You’ll likely have to sacrifice power and steam time the smaller your travel steamer.
  • Attachments: Snap-on creasers and fabric brushes create a crisper look and are features worth having if you use a steamer often.

The Best Travel Steamers


Best Overall

URPOWER Garment Steamer.

Urpower Garment Steamer

This affordable Urpower Garment Steamer is one of the lightest, smallest travel steamers out there, and gets our vote for the best you can buy. Just under $20, this basic steamer is a great value if you can live without all the bells and whistles of a more powerful model. (The 3,000-plus five-star Amazon reviewers seem to have no trouble at all.)

Fabric brush? No        
Steam bonnet? No
Travel bag? Yes
Door hook? No
Auto shut-off? Yes
Extra features: Heat-resistant glove
Size: 3.7 x 8.8 x 6.2 inches
Weight: 1.2 lb.
Voltage: 110-120v.
Water tank capacity: 4.4 oz. (130 ml.)
Wattage: 700W
Heat-up time: 2 minutes
Minutes of steam: 10 minutes

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Most Powerful (Highest Wattage)

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer.

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

With more than double the wattage of smaller steamers, this Conair Turbo Extreme Steam packs a big punch. Hit the turbo button for bursts of steam to quickly smooth your disheveled going-out outfit so you can hit the town sooner. We especially like the built-in creaser and the silicone band attachment that pulls fabric tight as you steam.

Fabric brush? Yes
Steam bonnet? No
Travel bag? No
Door hook? No
Auto shut-off? No
Extra features: Built-in creaser, 5 steam settings, ceramic coated aluminum plate
Size: 5.6 x 8.8 x 13.6 inches
Weight: 2.9 lbs.
Voltage: 110-120v.
Water tank capacity: 7.3 oz. (216 ml.)
Wattage: 1550W
Heat-up time: 40 seconds
Minutes of steam: 15 minutes

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Longest-Lasting (Most Minutes of Steam)

OGHom Steamer for Clothes Steamer.

OGHom Mini Travel Garment Steamer

How long your steamer lasts before you need to refill the tank is kind of a big deal—especially when you’ve got several pieces to de-wrinkle. The OGHom Mini heats up in less than two minutes and lasts 14 to 18 minutes on a single tank, more than five minutes longer than others on our list. It’s especially light so you might even make it through the whole tank without having to rest your arm.

Fabric brush? No
Steam bonnet? No
Travel bag? No
Door hook? No
Auto shut-off? No
Extra features: Stainless steel heating panel, extra long 9.2 foot cord.
Size: 6.9 x 5.5 x 6.7 inches
Weight: 1.65 lbs.
Voltage: 110-120v.
Water tank capacity: 8.1 oz. (240 ml.)
Wattage: 700W
Heat-up time: less than 2 minutes
Minutes of steam: 14 to 18 minutes

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Best for Crisp Creases

BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt Steamer for Clothes with Pump Steam Technology.

Beautural 1200-Watt Steamer

This powerful 1200-watt steamer doesn’t disappoint when you want to show up to your business meeting with crisp creases. The Beautural steamer comes with a creaser attachment and has a lock button for continuous steaming so you don’t have to keep holding the trigger. Sometimes setting a crease is easier on a horizontal surface, and we like that option on this steamer. 

Fabric brush? Yes
Steam bonnet? No
Travel bag? No
Door hook? No
Auto shut-off? No
Extra features: Detachable water tank, heated metal head, won’t leak or spill at horizontal angle.
Size: 6 x 4.3 x 10.7 inches
Weight: 2.1 lbs.
Voltage: 110-120v.
Water tank capacity: 8.8 oz. (260 ml.)
Wattage: 1200W
Heat-up time: 30 seconds
Minutes of steam: 15 minutes



Most Compact/Lightweight

PurSteam Garment Steamer.

PurSteam Elite Professional Garment Steamer

About the size of a mason jar, the PurSteam Elite weighs in at barely over a pound. It’s tiny but mighty. It can handle wrinkly pants and blazers as easily as flowy chiffon tops. Because it has more power than similarly sized models, it burns through the water tank a bit quicker. Refilling it more often is an easy concession to make though when you want to travel light.

Fabric brush? No
Steam bonnet? No
Travel bag? Yes
Door hook? No
Auto shut-off? No
Extra features: Sanitizing
Size: 3.7 x 8.6 x 7 inches
Weight: 1.1 lb.
Voltage: 110-120v.
Water tank capacity: 6.1 oz. (180 ml.)
Wattage: 900W
Heat-up time: 1 minute
Minutes of steam: 5 to 7 minutes

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Most Durable

Rowenta Xcel Steam Travel DR7051 Hand-Held Garment Steamer.

Rowenta Xcel Steam Travel DR7051 Hand-Held Garment Steamer

Leave it to a 110-year-old German iron maker to give us our top pick for durability: the Rowenta Xcel steamer. The steamer’s high quality is what you’d expect from an old pro. The fabric brush separates fibers for a deeper steam, and a steam bonnet helps evenly disperse it. For travel, you can’t beat the dual voltage, door hook, and travel bag.

Fabric brush? Yes
Steam bonnet? Yes
Travel bag? Yes
Door hook? Yes
Auto shut-off? No
Extra features: Removable tank, sanitizing
Size: 5.5 x 5 x 10 inches
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Voltage: Dual: 220v & 110-120v.
Water tank capacity: 5 oz. (148 ml.)
Wattage: 1100W
Heat-up time: 45 seconds
Minutes of steam: 8 minutes

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Best for International Travel

Conair Travel Smart by 450 Watt Dual Voltage Garment Steamer.

Travel Smart Pro Conair Steamer

Conair’s Travel Smart Pro Steamer has dual voltage and a super-compact size, making it the perfect international travel companion. We love the travel bag and the fact that this steamer can sanitize and kill germs and other things we don’t love. It’s cheap to replace ($21) in the event you need to ditch it to make room for one more souvenir in your luggage.

Fabric brush? Yes
Steam bonnet? No
Travel bag? Yes
Door hook? No
Auto shut-off? No
Extra features: Folding handle
Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 9.5 inches
Weight: 1.25 lb.
Voltage: Dual: 220v & 110-120v.
Wattage: 450W
Minutes of steam: 10 minutes

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