Harry Styles’ Iconic Travel Style—How to Steal His Best Looks

Harry Styles’ Iconic Travel Style—How to Steal His Best Looks

To his superfans, Harry Styles needs no introduction. Thanks to his position as one of the most popular heartthrobs in the British boy band One Direction (on indefinite hiatus) and his debut solo album, Styles' world tour sold out in just seconds. His fashion style echoes his music's style: a mash-up of pop meets rock and London meets Los Angeles. The singer/songwriter is such a style icon, he landed a campaign with Gucci, and he has a popular Twitter fan account documenting his outfits. Oh, and he co-chaired the 2019 Met Gala with Lady Gaga. While there's nothing you can do to sing like Harry Styles, you can most definitely copy his wardrobe—and his swagger.

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Where Does Harry Styles Travel?

Los Angeles Palm Trees

This guy is on the go. Styles’ 2017-2018 worldwide tour consisted of a whopping 89 shows, ending with a bang in Los Angeles. When he’s not on stage or on a private jet headed to the next sold-out arena, Styles has been known to take his love object of the moment on glamorous vacations. He and Kendall Jenner hit up St. Barts and Anguilla; he joined Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter) on a glamorous lakeside getaway outside of Ontario; and allegedly dumped Taylor Swift in the British Virgin Islands. (Don’t feel too bad for Swift, she got a hit song out of her time with Styles.) And when he’s not jet-setting and breaking hearts internationally, Styles has owned glamorous residences in London, Beverly Hills, and New York City. We can’t predict where Styles will go next, either with his music or his love life, but one thing’s for sure—he’ll look good doing it.


Harry Styles’ Travel Style

In his early boy band days, Styles was known as the most sartorial member of the One Direction group. He started his fashion experiments by mixing Saint Laurent tuxedo jackets, printed shirts, silk scarves, and Wyatt boots with his multiple tattoos (he has over 50) and the occasional Burberry trench coat tarted up with a leopard print shirt underneath. As he came into his own with his solo album, he’s turned the volume way up. Styles favors show-stopping tailored suits reminiscent of his fashion and music icons, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. In fact, for his debut gig as a solo star at The Garage, Gucci made Styles a custom bright pink suit. From there, Styles crisscrossed the globe in bold looks that favored flared pants, velvet on velvet, and wildly patterned suits—plus the occasional pussy bow and ruffled shirt (very British of him). He must have impressed Anna Wintour; she tapped him to co-chair the 2019 Met Gala, and he showed up on the pink carpet with an unforgettably androgynous look and a pearl drop earring. When he’s off the stage, he’s still very much in the limelight. Styles’ off-duty travel looks are a toned down version of what he wears to perform. Think: fun floral patterned shirts, relaxed joggers, black skinny jeans, and high quality hoodies. For footwear, he tends to favor heeled boots or classic Vans sneakers. Oh, and let’s not forget the accessories. Though his fans consider his twin swallows tattoo (an homage to all of the travel he does) to be his main accessory, Styles is also a huge fan of hats, rings, scarves, and necklaces to complete his rockin’ look.

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Hong Kong, Live On Tour.

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Three Words to Describe Harry Styles’ Travel Style

  1. Rock-and-roll: Pop music made Styles famous, but he’s always added edge to his wardrobe and overall style. To replicate that look, do as Styles does and tie a long silk scarf around your neck. Another quick Style’s style tip? Don’t be afraid to unbutton your shirt to show a little (or a lot of skin).
  2. Bold: Styles constantly plays with textures, colors, prints, and accessories to make his looks memorable. And let’s not forget he has over 50 tattoos, it doesn’t get much bolder than turning your body into an art canvas.
  3. Upscale: Styles is a huge fan of European fashion houses, and has rocked everything from Burberry to Saint Laurent to Calvin Klein to Gucci—and it’s usually custom. It’s no surprise he walked the Met Gala pink carpet with Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.
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Rio De Janeiro, Live On Tour.

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Three Colors that Harry Styles Gravitates To

  1. Black: Sure, Styles loves playing with color, but he tends to keep a neutral black item in the look to keep from looking too costume-y. This is especially true when he’s off heartthrob duty and getting snapped at the airport.
  2. Multicolored embroidery: Styles rarely sees an embroidered floral shirt or suit he doesn’t like. Some of his greatest hits have included dragon embroidery on a Gucci suit and double swallows on a Stella McCartney shirt (as a nod to his chest ink).
  3. Pink: When it comes to color, Styles isn’t afraid to mix it up. He wore a neon pink suit to kick off his solo world tour, and has been photographed wearing pink velvet pants at the airport.
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London One, Live On Tour.

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How to Replicate Harry Styles’ Travel Style in Three Outfits

Harry Styles Outfit Inspiration
Harry Styles’ Vacation Outfit

He may be a Brit, but Styles is no stranger to a tropical destination. Aside from romantic island getaways with a parade of models, he also recorded part of his self-titled solo album at the iconic Geejam luxury hotel/recording studio in Jamaica. He’s used to combining business with pleasure when it comes to travel, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to dress playfully on vacay. His most famous vacation look, a short pair of bright yellow swim trunks, inspired a BuzzFeed ode. Go full Styles and pair your own bold-yellow swimsuit with retro-inspired black shades and an Obey baseball cap. We assume Styles would pair this with a favorite floral-printed shirt and a pair of Gucci slides.

How to Dress like Harry Styles on Vacation

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Harry Styles’ Airplane Outfit

At this point in his musical career, Styles is a jet-setting citizen of the world. He went on four worldwide tours with One Direction and his solo tour consisted of 89 international stops. Add in all of his private vacations, promotional performances, and hopping between residences in London, Los Angeles, and New York—and you’ve got one worn-out passport. He regularly flies private or first class, and there are hundreds of photos of Styles exiting airports across the globe. He generally dresses in dark colors on travel days, and keeps it comfy in polished joggers and a slim-fitting bomber jacket. But this is still Styles we’re talking about, so Chelsea boots, multiple Gucci rings, and a fedora are musts.

How to Dress like Harry Styles on an Airplane

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Harry Styles’ Nightlife Outfit

Styles loves all things flashy: velvet, flared pants, patterned suits, silk scarves, and heeled boots—perfect nightlife inspiration. It’s definitely over the top, but he never looks like he’s wearing a costume. Except maybe for the time he donned a sheer blouse and oversized trousers at the Met Gala. How does he get away with it? Tailoring, fit, and choosing high quality fabrics. If you don’t have the budget for a custom Gucci suit (or the nerve to wear a sheer top), go for a look Styles often wears offstage: a slim-fit tuxedo-style suit paired with a Styles-approved white ruffle shirt and suede boots by the beloved Hudson British brand. Oh, and skip the traditional tie. Styles rarely wears one. Instead, wrap an extra long skinny scarf around your neck. Now you’re ready for the rocker nightlife scene from Hong Kong to Hollywood. Don’t be surprised if fans approach you for selfies.

How to Dress like Harry Styles on a Night Out

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Harry Styles’ Inspired Accessories to Amp up Any Outfit

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