One Perfect Outfit for Visiting the Eiffel Tower.

The One Absolutely Perfect Outfit for Visiting the Eiffel Tower

Oh, Paris! The city of love, light, and all that’s chic. Few places in the world match its charm. Even fewer match its fashion sense. Parisian style is widely regarded as one the coolest, most elegant sartorial expressions there are—a mix of effortlessness and sophistication, subtle details, and well-curated-but-still-laidback outfits that say ‘I just threw this on,’ yet look fabulous. While the French girl aesthetic might seem intimidating, it’s not hard to achieve. Just play with classic items, favor quality over quantity, and apply a "less is more" philosophy to your suitcase—all the more important when you’re visiting the Eiffel Tower. We asked a French fashion expert to weigh in and ooh la la, this is the absolutely perfect Eiffel Tower outfit. 

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One of Paris’s most photographed and iconic sites, the Eiffel Tower is where you’ll want to dress to impress (and be photographed). Your outfit should strike the right balance of demure and panache—simple, but still sharp enough that it wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy lifestyle editorial, or an aspirational Instagram feed. In other words: casual, but make it fashion. “Parisian are very minimalistic and prefer neutral colors such as blacks, whites, and grays,” Paris-based fashion blogger Diane Coletta of Petite in Paris tells WTP. “Much like Coco Chanel.”

View of the Eiffel Tower from a hotel window.

This high-waisted midi silk skirt paired with a cozy cropped sweater looks luxe but approachable. The leather jacket adds urban edge, and low heel booties (in wine-colored Beaujolais, naturally) are sensible and comfy, but glamorous enough to pull everything together in a high-fashion kind of way. “This outfit is the epitome of classic Parisian chic,” says Coletta. “Perfect to fit in with the fashion-friendly locals.”

Les accessoires are tres important, too. Parisians tend to be fairly straightforward when it comes down to it, but they don’t overlook the importance of a little embellishment. Opt for delicate pieces of jewelry or a statement bag and you’re good to go—well, almost. “Finish off the ensemble with a beret and voilà, you’ve accomplished the typical Parisian look,” says Coletta.

Perfect Eiffel Tower Outfit

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