One Absolutely Perfect Outfit for Visiting the Trevi Fountain.

The One Absolutely Perfect Outfit for Visiting the Trevi Fountain

“When in Rome,” the ancient saying goes, “do as the Romans do.” That, among other things, means dress just as the Romans would—which might actually be the most important takeaway from the maxim. Trevi Fountain is one of the places where you should especially take the proverb literally. Arguably the most beautiful and spectacular fountain in Rome, the baroque masterpiece nestled in a tiny piazza of the historic center is likely to make you want to A.) Weep from sheer amazement. B.) Start snapping pictures like there’s no tomorrow. C.) toss all your coins in it and wish over and over again to one day return (which is the main myth around the site: throw a coin, make a wish). But what to wear? We asked a Rome influencer for her take on the perfect Trevi Fountain outfit. Get your coins ready. 

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The perfect Trevi Fountain outfit should be laidback and effortless, but have a little something to make it stand out—that’s the essence of Roman style. “It’s all about the tailoring and the details,” says Roman Erica Firpo, a travel writer, influencer, and host of the podcast, Ciao Bella. “The outfit should look simple but the details, like the buttons, the bag, the prints, the knitwear, should be extraordinarily well done and well thought-out.”

So think about the small print: choose a sleek tailored coat with understated side pockets, relaxed denim with raw cuffs or a distressed finish, a bold blouse with ruffle details and a beautiful motif, and a cross-body bag with some extra pizzazz, like the arrow details on this boho option.

To pull it all together, choose some exceptional footwear. “Lately, everyone is wearing great shoes,” Firpo says, “Whether incredible ankle boots or gorgeous sneakers.” Just don’t forget sanpietrini (Italian cobblestones) can be a pain though, so always opt for a comfy pair. These boots have a gorgeous mod-inspired heel that’ll turn heads.

Got the look down? Molto bene! Here are other things you can now do like the Romans: down shots of espressos while standing (you must be standing) by a crowded bar counter throughout the day; eat your height in gelato in any given season; and go for aperitivos (ciao to an Aperol spritz) nightly—best enjoyed with thin-crust pizza. And don’t forget, if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, you’ll make it back to Rome.

Perfect Trevi Fountain Oufit

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