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Lander’s Timp Backpack Review: The Backpack That’s Equally at Home in the City and on the Trail

Think of all the things you carry with you in your travel day bag. Perhaps a camera, a wallet, a phone, an extra charger or battery pack. Now imagine all those things getting wet. That’s the scenario that inspired my curiosity about Lander’s Timp Backpack, a lightweight and weather resistant backpack that comes in a 25L size and a 20L size.

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Lander - Timp Messanger Bag, Rip-Stop Front Panel and Breathable Mesh

Lander’s Timp Backpack Review

Price and Where to Buy Lander’s Timp Backpack: $68.24 on Amazon.

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8/10. The weather-resistant fabric also protects this backpack from tears, which is great in places where pickpocketing schemes sometimes involve cutting through bags to get to valuables. The breathable mesh and padding on the back of the bag keeps it comfortable, and the interior sleeve keeps a tablet secure. Because it’s lightweight and minimal, there are very few pockets, which some might find challenging.


8/10. At $68.24, this backpack is on the high end for casual backpacks and on the lower end for outdoor performance packs. It gets a value boost since it does both, which cuts down on the need for two separate packs.


9/10. This pack is light and folds flat, making it an ideal travel companion in situations when you need it, and for when you don’t want to be bothered with it the rest of the time.


9/10. Don’t let the lightweight nature fool you—this bag is tough.

Cool Factor

9/10. The minimalist style looks cool in an urban setting, and the water- and abrasion-tough features make it a style-forward go-getter in the wilderness as well.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for style, durability, and serious water resistance, the Timp is for you. However, if you’re interior pocket obsessed, this bag won’t be the best fit.

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