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Matador Beast28 Backpack Review: A Sturdy, Water-Resistant Pack for Hikers

Designed for those who love the great outdoors, the Matador Beast28 Backpack is made of water-resistant nylon and includes plenty of useful features.

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Matador Beast28 Backpack Review

Hiking backpack by Matador

Price and Where to Buy

The Matador Beast28 Backpack is available for $89.99 at the Matador website.

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How the Matador Beast28 Backpack Rates


9/10. This 28-liter backpack is spacious enough to carry gear for day hikes or short overnight trips. It’s comfortable, too, with adjustable hip and sternum straps as well as compression straps to condense your load. It fits most water bladders and includes routing for a hydration hose. Its many pockets—both on the outside of the pack and within the main compartment—are a major plus. I also liked that the zippers for the main compartment reach nearly to the bottom of the bag, making it easy to access gear no matter where you’ve stowed it.


8/10. It’s a little more expensive than some other technical backpacks on the market, but the high-quality materials and comprehensive features are worth the money for regular hikers.


10/10. The backpack weighs just 20 ounces and rolls up into a convenient storage pouch if you want to stow it between trips or pack it in your suitcase. (One recommendation: Take note of how the bag is rolled and folded when you first take it out of the pouch; that’ll help you figure out how to get it back in!)


9/10. The pack’s material is thin and lightweight, but still feels sturdy enough to stand up to a rigorous hike or camping trip.

Cool Factor

9/10. This charcoal-colored bag with subtle red accents is attractive without being flashy.

Final Verdict

The Matador Beast28 Backpack is a lightweight and practical pack that will meet the needs of most hikers.

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