The Best Men's Sunglasses 2019

The Best Men’s Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Perfectly

Sunglasses are one of the easiest ways to instantly alter your look without changing your clothes or blowing your budget. You can choose to look sporty, trendy, or devastatingly handsome with a quick swap of shades. Aside from fashion, sunglasses also functionally protect your eyes from the sun—a requirement on a tropical vacation. So which pair (or pairs) should you choose? We’ve got all kinds of tips and tricks to ensure that you’ve got the coolest, and best-looking, men's sunglasses around. 

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How to Pick the Right Sunglasses Shape for Your Face

Men Standing Wearing Sunglasses
To find a truly well-fitting pair of shades, you should put almost as much thought, consideration, and research into sunglasses as you would a suit. The key? Start with the shape of your face. Determine (via a selfie, mirror, or a trusted pal) which of the four facial categories—heart, rounded, oval, or square—your face shape is. From there, remember these facts: Frames that are wider at the top than at the bottom work well for heart-shape faces (think old-school wayfarers); rectangular, angular, and/or oversize frames work best for a rounder face (we’re thinking aviators here); round and square frames that aren’t too big or small look great on oval faces (check out rounded frames); and rimless or soft-lined frames work best to counterbalance the strong angles of a square face (consider clubmasters). Keep these guidelines in mind while you’re shopping for shades, and you’ll be well on your way to looking cooler than cool.

How to Pick the Right Sunglasses for Your Budget

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Laying on a Table
You’ve seen sunglasses for sale everywhere from the neighborhood gas station to high-end department stores, so it’s no surprise that the cost of sunglasses varies widely. Sunglasses are just as much a fashion choice as they are a functional one, so you’re going to see an increase in price for special features and designer names. You may not worry about losing a pair of plastic frame shades, but they won’t look quite as nice as a pair that’s made from metal or acetate. The key thing to look for when purchasing a pricier pair (after making sure they’ll fit your face shape) is to double check that the lenses offer UVA and/or UVB protection. Designer frames are going to have the trendiest styles and celebrity endorsements, if that’s important to you. Once you’ve decided on the price you’re comfortable with, dive headfirst into the best part—getting to pick out a pair! To get you started, we’ve rounded up five of our favorites sunglasses between $20 and $500.


Best Men’s Sunglasses for $20

Target Men's Polarized Aviator Sunglasses - Goodfellow & Co
Goodfellow & Co

$19.99 at Target

For the last few years, Target’s in-house menswear brand Goodfellow & Co has straddled the line between trendy and affordability—which is a harder task than it seems. Case in point are these aviators, which have design elements, like the polarized lens, that would traditionally be seen only in sunglasses that are at least triple the cost. The metal, gray frames and green-tinted lens don’t immediately scream Top Gun, but we have a feeling these will absolutely help you channel your inner fly boy—without ever putting your wallet in the danger zone.

Best Men’s Sunglasses for $50

Le SpecsFair Game Sunglasses
Le Specs
 Fair Game Wayfarers

Originally started in the late ’70s before being revived in 2006, the Australian brand Le Specs now has an impressive celebrity backing. Their shades have been worn by Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Niall Horan. But what’s even more intriguing is the intersection of features for the price. A one-year warranty, plastic frame, and UV-protected lens for $50 is a great value, and one you can feel good about investing in. The Fair Game style is the brand’s version of a wayfarer-style frame, making for an incredibly versatile pair of sunglasses that might have people mistaking you for a celeb.

Best Men’s Sunglasses for Around $100

Oakley OO9014 Gascan Sunglasses
Oakley Gascans

$103 at Sunglass Hut

Initially founded as a solution for protective eyewear needs (think skiing, cycling, and motorcycling), Oakley hit an unexpected pinnacle during the more outrageous-focused moments of ’90s fashion culture. In recent years, the brand, popularized by rappers like T Pain (who preferred a white version of the Gascan model we’re about to discuss) has launched a comeback. Designers have started to use the sunglasses in their runway shows. Opening Ceremony, Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton, and Margiella all featured Oakley frames. Oakley’s lens are cut from a large, singular piece of lens and then placed inside the frame to keep that initial curvature. The frames, while durable, are also lightweight for all-day wear and the lens include 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection.

Best Men’s Sunglasses for Around $200

RAY-BAN Clubmaster Round-Frame Acetate And Gold-Tone Polarised Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Clubmasters

$190 at Mr Porter

You’re probably most familiar with clubmasters as frames for prescription lenses. Think back to a movie like Apollo 13 and the NASA scientists working there with their horn-rimmed frames and you’ve got the picture. From there, Bruce Willis wore a pair with tinted frames on the TV show Moonlighting, and a full-blown clubmasters craze began. These Ray-Bans are a hybrid of their round lenses (polarized and UV-protected, naturally), nestled into the standard clubmaster frame, constructed with premium acetate and metal. It’s a high quality package that’s more formal than other frames—perhaps in homage to the smart men that wore them to start.

Best Men’s Sunglasses for Around $300

Nautilus 50mm PolarizedPlus2® Round Sunglasses MAUI JIM
Maui Jim Nautilus Rounds

$329 at Nordstrom

Maui Jim gets its namesake from the Hawaiian island where the brand first set up shop to sell their shades in the ’80s. Their sunglasses feature a special polarized lens, designed to heighten and enrich the islands natural beauty and hues—making them a perfect pair of sunnies for a tropical vacation—whether it’s an actual trip to the beach or maybe a poolside grill out. We like the Titanium/Blue Hawaii color to double down on the brand’s beach-based origins. The purely rounded frames also evoke John Lennon, meaning these are a truly far out pair of sunglasses. If you’re looking to really stand out, these are the glasses for you.

Best Men’s Sunglasses for Around $400

Nicholai-02 57mm Sunglasses TOM FORD
Tom Ford Nicholai-02

$445 at Nordstrom

These particular Tom Ford shades are the same design that the famed fashion designer has made his personal signature, turning to them year-after-year. The aviator-style shades offer total UV protection, as well as subtle touches to flesh out a truly luxe pair of shades that’s both modern and timeless. Note the inset T-bars on the side and gold trim on top. Crafted in Italy with an acetate frame, the Nicholai sunglasses are a reflection of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that’s present in every single item (and movie) Ford creates.

Best Men’s Sunglasses for Around $500

GUCCI Aviator-Style Gold-Tone And Acetate Sunglasses
Gucci Aviators

$505 at Mr Porter

A traditional aviator-frame gets remixed and re-crafted in these Japanese-made glasses from the artisans at Gucci. The sturdy, black frame is a vintage-looking piece with modern design sensibilities. As with all designer frames, it’s the details that really matter: the Gucci-logo is reimagined in the corners of the frame, the inset pieces (the top crossbar and the bridge) are gold-tone, and the 100% UV protection and polarized lens keep eyes protected. These harken to Hunter S. Thompson’s famed yellow aviators, but are decidedly more modern.

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