Best Metal Straws to Take With You Everywhere.
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The Best Metal Straws to Take With You Everywhere

For drinks on the go, our motto is BYOS—Bring Your Own Straw! Like other single-use plastics, your standard drinking straw ends up in a landfill. But thanks in part to a sad sea turtle, cities and companies have begun banning plastic straws, and people are jumping on the *ahem* BAN-wagon. Reusable straws certainly create less waste, but they also come in handy when traveling. Personally, we’re partial to metal straws for our sipping and gulping. They’re sturdy, washable, and don’t get soggy or break like some alternatives. (We’re looking at you, paper and glass.) We’ve rounded up this collection of the best metal drinking straws so you can sip while camping, road-tripping, or hanging out at a hotel—while keeping the turtles safe.

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Best All-Around Metal Straws

Klean Kanteen 5 Piece Stainless Steel Straw Set.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Straw Set

These reusable straws from Klean Kanteen get top marks from reviewers across the internet thanks to their smart design. Their soft, silicone tips are comfortable to sip from and won’t chip teeth, plus the curved design means you can sip from different angles. And, because it’s hard to push a narrow brush through a very long straw, the tips are removable, making cleanup a cinch. We love this colorful five pack—you’ll be able to ID your cup by straw color!—which comes complete with a cleaning brush.

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Best Collapsible Metal Straws

Zoku Stainless Steel Straw.

Zoku Stainless Steel Straw

There are two reasons to get a collapsible metal straw: First, because it’s space-saving. Second, because the adjustable length comes in handy for taller or shorter glasses. This pick from the houseware company Zoku has an easy-sipping silicone mouthpiece—a rarity for a collapsible straw. The telescoping straw extends up to nine inches. It comes completed with a cleaning brush and a coordinated carrying case, perfect for attaching to a keychain or slipping in your purse.

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Best Variety Pack of Reusable Drinking Straws

On-the-Go Nesting Straws.

Arix Zalace On-the-Go Nesting Straws

From cocktails to smoothies, different drinks call for straws of differing lengths and diameters. But we doubt anyone wants various straws clattering around in their bag. Enter On-the-Go Nesting Straws designed by surfer and conservationist Arix Zalace. The set includes three different sized straws that nest cleverly inside each other. Their cleaning brush fits neatly down the middle, the end of which doubles as a cap for this sleek, compact set.

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Best Metal Bendy Straws

Asobu Eco-friendly Reusable Straws, Mint/Coral.

Asobu Eco-friendly Reusable Straws

If you’re in the classic-bendy-straw camp, this pick from Asobu is the perfect environmentally friendly substitute. In lieu of the usual straightaway straw, this straw features a bendable silicone section so you can drink from any angle. The two straws and their cleaning brush all fit neatly in the coordinating silicone carrying case. Plus, you can’t beat the color combo: an on-trend mint and coral.


Best Metal Straws for Camping

United By Blue Reusable Straw Kit.

United By Blue Reusable Straw Kit

This Reusable Straw Kit by environmentally conscious brand United by Blue is perfect for camping situations where you want to clean and dry your straws sans drying rack. The ripstop, water-resistant roll-up case (made from recycled bottles!) features elastic loops that can hold up to four straws (though the kit includes just two), plus a silicone mouthpiece and a cleaning brush. There’s also an exterior loop, so you can hook this to a backpack or hang it out to dry. They’re available in a charming array of patterns and colors, which also makes it a stellar choice for a kiddo’s lunch box!


Best Bargain Metal Drinking Straws

VEHHE Stainless Steel Straws 8.5in Rainbow Metal Straws.

VEHHE Stainless Steel Straws

For about the cost of an iced coffee, you can own this four-pack of stainless steel drinking straws from which to drink it with. The simple set includes two straight metal straws and two angled straws, plus a drawstring carrying bag and a cleaning brush. These sets are available in different lengths and colors, including classic silver—but we’ll raise our glass to this shimmering rainbow pick.

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Best Reusable Metal Cocktail Straws

Stainless Steel Cocktail Straws.

UncommonGoods Stainless Steel Cocktail Straws

If drinking a cocktail sans straw leaves you bummed, this sophisticated set of reusable Stainless Steel Cocktail Straws from Porter has you covered. Simple and sleek, these squat straws are only five-inches tall—perfect for classic cocktail glasses. You can use them to sip or stir up drinks. (Plastic stirrers aren’t exactly eco-friendly, either!) Available in classy metallic colorways, they’re just as stylish at a bar as they are when you’re serving drinks for guests. Each set comes with four metal straws and one cleaning brush.

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Best Extra-Wide Reusable Metal Straw

CAMPFY Stainless Steel Boba Straw Multi-Color Set.

CAMPFY Stainless Steel Boba Straw Multi-Color Set

Calling all lovers of bubble tea, milkshakes, or smoothies! This is the straw for you. When those standard straws get gummed up with ice cream or tapioca pearls, you need to bust out the Stainless Steel Boba and Smoothie Straws from Campfy. These feature extra-wide necks that can suck up thick drinks without strain. An angled bottom helps you to puncture those bubble-tea tops and gulp up every last drop. They’re available in a set of five with a simple drawstring bag and a cleaning brush.

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Best Extra-Long Metal Straws

RAINIER Stainless Steel Metal Drinking Straws.

Rainier Stainless Steel Metal Drinking Straws

For tall cups, large tumblers (up to 30 ounces), or your favorite Yeti bottle, these extra-long drinking straws from Rainier are the perfect fit. They feature an angled mouthpiece with a soft silicone tip, and something a little extra—silicone “silencers” that keep your straw secure in your cup. Comes in a set of eight with different colored tips. Rattle-free road trips, here we come!

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Best Metal Straws for the Design Conscious

Telescoping Reusable Straw.

UncommonGoods Telescoping Reusable Straw

While you can get cheaper collapsible straws (like the one from Zoku, above), this pick from designer Daniel Lund Savage delivers serious style for straw connoisseurs. The telescoping straw extends from 4-9.5 inches (big enough for a tall cup) and features a soft, silicone tip. But our favorite part is the sleek, modern, capsule-like case, said to be inspired by Zippo lighters. It’s available in four stylish color-blocked color combos, including a sophisticated gray and turquoise and a playful mint and orange. Cheers to that!

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