Innovative Amazon Gear That Will Get You Through the TSA Line Faster.

Innovative Amazon Gear That Will Get You Through the TSA Line Faster

Look at you, cruising effortlessly from the curbside drop-off to the check-in kiosk and toward your gate. But then, bam! Stopped in your tracks by a crazy line at security. You may not be able to control the length of the line, but you can do your part by zipping through the scanning area once you're up. It's all about the right gear. Here, we’ve selected quick and easy Amazon buys that will make your next encounter with airport security so much smoother. 

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Best Reusable TSA Liquids Bag

 TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag.

Lingito TSA-Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag

Never forget the 3-1-1. To get through TSA without losing precious toiletries, 3.4-ounce containers must be placed in one clear quart-sized bag, and only one bag per passenger. A single-use plastic kitchen baggie will work, but do yourself a favor and upgrade to something sturdier and more eco-friendly. This waterproof bag is easy to clean, TSA compliant, and made with a durable zip closure that won’t cause leakage in your carry-on. 

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Best Laptop Sleeve

JETech Laptop Sleeve.

JETech Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

When the TSA agent inevitably shouts for you to “remove all laptops,” you can confidently reach for your computer knowing it’s safe and sound in this sleek laptop sleeve. A zippered pocket adds some storage space for important documents, and the whole sleeve is roomy enough that you can squeeze a few magazines in there with your laptop. 

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Best Charger Cable Organizer

Travel Cable Organizer Bag Electronics Accessories Carry Case.

Dearmterness Travel Cable Organizer Case

Don’t be that person who, in a rush to remove your laptop before the X-ray machine, snags a loose charger and accidentally dumps the contents of your carry-on bag all over the conveyor belt. This handy cable organizer eliminates that scenario entirely, creating a single tidy home for any and all cables you carry with you.

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Best Clear Backpack

SMARTY Heavy Duty Clear Backpack.

Smarty Heavy-Duty Clear Backpack

OK, so clear backpacks are not required by any means, but in the off-chance that a TSA agent needs to individually inspect your bag after it’s gone through the X-ray machine, this clear exterior makes the process go that much smoother, so you can get to your gate that much faster. And if security asks to see your boarding pass again, there’s no fumbling through a dark, opaque bag. Voila!

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Best Easy-On, Easy-Off Shoe for Men and Women

TOMS Mens Canvas Classics Slip-On.
TOMS Women's Redondo Loafer Flat.

Toms Men’s Canvas Classics Slip-On and Toms Women’s Redondo Loafer Flat

When in doubt, Toms. The brand’s quintessential slip-on/slip-off styles will save you precious seconds—and precious sanity—in the screening area. 

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Best Packable Jacket for Men and Women

Amazon Essentials Water-Resistant Lightweight Puffer Jacket for Men and Women.

Amazon Essentials Water-Resistant Lightweight Puffer Jacket for Men and Women

This jacket is your new best friend. Not only is it warm enough for those chilly long-haul flights, but it’s water-resistant, extremely lightweight, and (our favorite part) packable, fitting into a stowaway pouch that hides in one of the jacket’s pockets. Finally, there’s a solution to the conundrum of what to wear to the airport when you’re leaving a cold destination and flying to a tropical one. 

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Best Travel Wallet

Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet.

Zoppen Multi-Purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

To make quick work of airport security wherever you’re flying, it helps to have your most important things all in one place. Passports, credit and bank cards, multiple currencies, boarding passes…they all have a home in this low-profile yet awesomely effective travel wallet. And don’t be fooled by the deceptively simple-looking exterior, because this passport wallet comes with an added, hidden feature: RFID blocking technology so your credit cards stay safe from digital scans. 

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Best Water Bottle

CamelBak Eddy  BPA Free Water Bottle.

CamelBak Eddy BPA Free Water Bottle

Who among us has never forgotten to empty their water bottle before going through airport security? Be honest! Now, with this durable transparent CamelBak option, you have no excuse. It slips easily into any carry-on bag, features a durable and convenient built-in straw, and thanks to its clear (yet shatterproof) fabrication, the TSA agent won’t need to waste time shaking it around to check to make sure it’s empty—making it just another part of your next seamless trip through the security line. 

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