Every Item of This Perfect Plane Outfit Comes from Amazon.

Every Item of This Perfect Plane Outfit Comes from Amazon

Let’s be honest: airplane travel can be downright exhausting and uncomfortable at times. While we can’t control flight delays or long security lines, we can choose an airplane outfit that keeps us comfy and makes us feel like a million bucks—without spending a million bucks. The perfect airplane outfit should include versatile pieces, breathable layers, and an accessory or two to express your individual style. Here is some inspiration for creating your own perfect plane outfit. Oh, and everything is available on Amazon so you can order it with just a few clicks.

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tasc Performance Women's Nola Tank Top
tasc Performance Women’s Nola Tank Top

Breathable layers are the secret to flight comfort. No matter what the weather will be at your destination, you’re likely to encounter several “travel seasons” in between, from the sweltering summer of waiting in your seat before take off to the frigid winter of an excessively air-conditioned airplane or airport. The tasc tank top is an essential travel piece that is anything but basic. It’s made of breathable fibers, such as bamboo and organic cotton, and comes in 15 flattering shades. The relaxed fit and bum-grazing length mean you can easily adapt it to your own style and mood. Whatever way you wear it—tuck the front, tie it in a knot, or let it loose—you’ll look and feel effortlessly chill.

HyBrid & Company Womens Hyper Ultra Stretch Comfy Skinny Pants
HyBrid & Company Womens Hyper Ultra Stretch Skinny Pants

Travel days tend to involve lots of bending, lifting, and sitting (and the occasional sprint to make a tight connection). So, soft pants with some stretch should be at the top (or bottoms) of your perfect airplane outfit list. Think of HyBrid & Company Ultra Stretch Skinny Pants as an upgrade to your leggings: comfy but classic—and permitted in first class. Although multiple colors of these HyBrid & Company pants are available, black (or another dark color that can camouflage spills and stains) is best for travel. That advice goes doubly for anyone traveling with kiddos.
London Fog Women's 36" Length Double-Breasted Trench Coat with Belt.
London Fog Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Turn your casual airplane look into a casual chic airplane look with a timeless trench coat. Paired with jeans and a tee or dressed up with a skirt and heels, this affordable trench coat by London Fog has a classic silhouette that can be worn open and carefree or buttoned up and cinched at the waist. The shorter length works well with almost any style. It comes in two colors, so take your pick between rosewood or lake (although our vote goes to rosewood). It’s intended for spring/summer wear which makes it a perfect weight to put in your carry-on bag or throw over your shoulders. The jacket is lightly lined, so be sure to layer a sweater underneath if you’re expecting cooler temps.

JOKHOO Infinity Scarf Wrap with Secret Hidden Zipper Pocket-2
JOKHOO Infinity Scarf Wrap with Hidden Zipper Pocket

$11.99 at Amazon

The best travel scarf is a master shapeshifter. When choosing a scarf for the airplane, ask yourself: Can this scarf make a nice neck warmer, eye mask, blanket, purse, and pop of color? With the JOKHOO scarf, the answer is heck yes! Its ultra soft cotton and super lightweight, too—ideal for draping around your neck or packing in your carry-on. Twenty-one colors and patterns let you play around with accents. The small pocket lets you safely tuck away a cell phone, cash, and passport if you prefer to skip carrying a hand bag. How cool is that?

Linea Paolo Annie Women's Loafer
Linea Paolo Annie Loafer 

$119.95 at Amazon

Every ideal airplane outfit needs a pair of shoes that are easy to slip on and off when passing through security and also provide optimal comfort on board the aircraft. These Linea Paolo Loafers fit the bill and are sophisticated to boot—or, should we say, slide. The calf hair leather and leopard print make for a surprisingly fun neutral, and looks more polished than a pair of sneakers. Jetset tip: keep a pair of socks handy to keep your feet warm in flight and avoid contact with cold linoleum floors when removing your shoes for airport security.


And Don’t Forget…

A reusable water bottle. Bonus points if it includes a filtration and purification system like the GRAYL Ultralight, so you can stay hydrated from the backcountry to the boardroom, and avoid contributing to single-use plastic pollution.

A pair of shades. With these Johnny Fly Co glasses, made from sustainable materials, you can have sophisticated style and quality, eco-friendly eye protection, too. These shades have shielded our sensitive eyes everywhere from the harsh desert sun to the sparkling sea and lots of light in between—including the overhead light used by a seatmate in flight.

A carry-on bag for all your essentials. Combining a tote bag’s functionality with a cross-body bag’s easy portability, the Lily Queen canvas tote was literally made to travel. A zip-top and side pocket add security and convenience.

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