Which Arlo Skye Luggage Should You Get?
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Which Arlo Skye Luggage Should You Get?

Airport concourses got a little more stylish in late 2016, when two former execs from Tumi and Louis Vuitton launched their direct-to-consumer luggage brand, Arlo Skye. Since then, the aluminum and polycarbonate vessels—the Carry-On, the Bigger Carry-On, and the Check-In—have become the go-to for globetrotting creatives and style-conscious frequent flyers. Credit their popularity not only to their sleek form but also to their gobs of functionality, including a removable battery (cabin bags only) and clamp closures (no zippers here!) with TSA-approved combination locks. If you’re ready to splurge on an aluminum case, like a Rimowa or a Tumi, don’t break out your credit card until you see how Arlo Skye stacks up against the competition.

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Pros of Arlo Skye Luggage

  • Beautiful, ultra-sleek design appeals to style-conscious travelers
  • Lockable clamps instead of an outer zipper (arguably the most vulnerable part of any suitcase)
  • Removable portable charger with two USB ports (carry-ons only)
  • Smooth, barely audible wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Free shipping, 21-day trial, free returns, and a five-year warranty

Cons of Arlo Skye Luggage

  • Prices start at $450 for a carry-on size
  • Polycarbonate and aluminum will eventually show scratches, dings, and dents
  • No exterior pockets
  • Hard-shell fabrication is less forgiving for chronic overpackers

Arlo Skye Style Overview

Arlo Skye Polycarbonate and Aluminum Carry-ons.
You might not be boarding a private jet or checking into a luxury resort, but with an Arlo Skye case in tow, you’ll look like you could be. Billed as “travel pieces for the design obsessed,” the cases are carried by models, influencers, and other stylish travelers who appreciate their features (devotees rave about the near-silent wheels that smoothly propel with minimal effort) and can justify the cost. For prices starting at $450, you’ll get a sturdy, streamlined bag with classic yet modern styling, available in a choice of two materials (polycarbonate or aluminum), three sizes, and up to five metallic colors. Note: The brand occasionally releases limited editions that feature special laser engraving, and customers can order any bag personalized with up to three laser-etched initials for an additional fee.

Where to Buy Arlo Skye Luggage

One of a handful of direct-to-consumer luggage brands including Away and Roam, Arlo Skye is sold exclusively online at ArloSkye.com. That means you can’t try before you buy, but the company does offer a 21-day trial (backed by free shipping and returns), so you can test your investment IRL.

Which Arlo Skye Luggage Should I Get?

The Three Best Arlo Skye Suitcases


The Arlo Skye Aluminum Carry-On

Arlo Skye The Aluminum Carry-On.

It used to be, if you wanted an aluminum suitcase, your choices were pretty much limited to spendy models from Rimowa or Tumi (hello, four-digit price tags!). Fast forward to 2016 when Arlo Skye came onto the scene: their Aluminum Carry-On (available in silver, champagne, and black) is just as head-turningly handsome as pricier models, yet—at $550—about half the cost of its competitors. Its features, however, aren’t half-baked. The aluminum alloy exterior (which the company claims is unbreakable) boasts hand-stitched leather handles, a pair of clamp closures with TSA-approved combination locks, and a removable portable charger with USB A and C ports. The case opens like a clamshell, with compressive elastic straps on one side, a zip-around fabric cover on the other, and an antimicrobial fabric lining to keep contents stink-free. Accessories are just as well thought-out: a pair of shoe bags, a laundry bag, a leather luggage tag, a charging cable, an adaptor for the battery—even a protective sleeper so your precious pullman doesn’t get damaged in storage.   

  • Exterior dimensions (including wheels and handle): 22 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Interior capacity: 37.1 liters or 9.8 gallons
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Primary material: Aluminum alloy
$550 at Arlo Skye

The Arlo Skye Bigger Polycarbonate Carry-On

Arlo Skye The Polycarbonate Carry-On.

If you need more carry-on capacity (we like to have options, too) or can’t bear the thought of your shiny new case getting scuffed when you’re forced to gate check it, consider the Bigger Polycarbonate Carry-On (available in silver, champagne, black, and navy). A few ounces heavier and roughly an inch roomier in all directions than the regular carry-on, the Bigger easily holds enough for a week-long jaunt, including three pairs of shoes (like we said: options). Made from durable polycarbonate, it complies with most U.S.-based carrier’s check-in limits. But be aware that if you’re traveling on a European airline or a smaller jet, it may not fit in the overhead compartment. Customers love the bump-resistant corners (reinforced with aluminum) and telescopic handle, which feels strong and secure, no matter how many “options” they’re toting.

  • Exterior dimensions (including wheels and handle): 22.8 x 15 x 9.6 inches
  • Interior capacity: 43.1 liters or 11.4 gallons
  • Weight: 8.7 lbs.
  • Primary material: Polycarbonate with aluminum frame and corners
$450 at Arlo Skye

The Arlo Skye Polycarbonate Check-In

Arlo Skye The Polycarbonate Check-In.

Rounding out Arlo Skye’s trio of polycarbonate cases, this largest option—the Polycarbonate Check-In (available in silver, champagne, black, navy, and rose gold)—is sized to check, but still sports many of the features customers love about the brand's cabin bags. Two-millimeter thick aluminum alloy caps protect the corners, while 60-millimeter wheels (cabin bags have 50-millimeter wheels) keep the bag steady and easy to move. Dings are, of course, inevitable, but customers report successful removal by buffing with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Inside, the clamshell design means that two people can share the case without mixing their stuff. One side has a zip-around cover, the other a stiffened flap with slim zippered compartments, which attaches to the suitcase frame with plastic clips. And as with all Arlo cases, the lining fabric is antimicrobial. At just under 27 inches tall, it’s a touch smaller than the 29-inch-tall pieces other luggage manufacturers typically offer, but, if you pack judiciously, it's still roomy enough for a two-week trip.                                                          

  • Exterior dimensions (including wheels and handle): 26.6 x 17.7 x 11 inches
  • Interior capacity: 69.1 liters or 18.25 gallons
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs. 
  • Primary material: Polycarbonate with aluminum alloy trim
$495 at Arlo Skye

What to Pack in Your Arlo Skye Luggage

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