Best Men’s Sneakers That Won’t Take Up a Ton of Space.

The Best Men’s Sneakers That Won’t Take Up a Ton of Suitcase Space

It’s easy to audit the shirts, pants, and underwear that you want to pack for a trip. They all roll up easily, so you can sneak in a few extras if you're on the fence. But packing sneakers is a different story: You don’t have that much room in your suitcase, so you have to be selective about the casual kicks or running shoes that make the cut. Here are eight foolproof options that pack well and look sharp. 

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

Perhaps the most classic sneakers of all time, Chuck Taylor’s All Stars are a wardrobe staple. And as if their perpetual stylishness isn’t reason enough to own them, they’re also easily condensed in your suitcase or duffel. The low-top style allows you to compress them against one another. Plus, at just $50, you won’t be pressed to replace them after a year or two of (very regular) wear.

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Vans Era

Vans’ popular Era sneakers come in a host of colors, and they compress easily into one another (a yin to the other’s yang), allowing you much more space in your luggage. Or, you can stash your beard trimmer or sunglasses in each shoe if you want to maximize the space. The Eras pair well with any casual look, so they’ll spare you from having to pack additional shoes for the trip.

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Nike Cortez Basic

The leather-wrapped Nike Cortez is a sleek and streamlined alternative to many of the noisy (and space-hogging) athleisure options out there. The sturdy black-and-white kicks match most outfits and moods, and fit discretely into your travel bag—particularly if you plug them up with your socks, hair products, or more. (The old storage-within-storage trick.)

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Topo Athletic ST-3 Sneakers

Topo’s running shoes are durable yet flattenable, thanks to their lightweight mesh material. That mesh fabric makes them extremely breathable and fast-drying, while also allowing them to curl up in your luggage to take up way less space than most shoes. 

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Adidas Kaptir

The soft-knit frame on Adidas’ Kaptir allows them to compress easily, and the brand delivers on a “sock-like” promise for the wearer. You can wear them as runners or as casual everyday shoes—they’re designed to be both. And for that reason, they’re an ideal two-in-one that spares you from having to pack an extra pair of shoes.


Saucony Men’s Jazz Original Vintage

Kick it old school with the Saucony Jazz Vintage. This red-white-and-blue pair calls attention to itself for the right reason, while the shoes themselves are super lightweight and easy to tote. If you need more space, tuck rolled-up underwear or excess toiletries inside the shoes.

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Asos Design Sneakers

If you prefer a durable but low-investment option for your travels, then go for Asos’ all-black sneakers. Faux-leather keeps them fashion-y enough for nice dinners and cocktail bars, and the low profile means they’ll sandwich into your bag without sucking up too much space.

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Maison Margiela Men’s Replica Lace-Up Patent Sneakers

On the other end of the price spectrum, these top-of-the-line sneakers from Maison Margiela are wrapped in leather (with red leather lining), and will spruce up any formal look while also announcing your super-stylish self. They’re more durable and luggage-friendly than most dressy footwear, though for the price point we’d still suggest toting them inside individual shoe bags. They can also be dressed down for more easygoing occasions—like flying in first class. 

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