Is ThirdLove the Best Bra and Underwear for a Comfortable Flight?
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Is ThirdLove the Best Bra and Underwear for a Comfortable Flight?

Figuring out how to dress comfortably for a flight should always start with your bra and underwear. No matter how comfy your leggings and plush your sweater, if you're wearing a pinching bra and creeping underwear, you're in for an uncomfortable flight. When it comes to travel, the best bra is the one you never have to think about. So when we saw ThirdLove bras and their guaranteed-to-fit sizing system splashed across our social media feeds, we were intrigued. Sure, ThirdLove underwear might fit well, but would it be comfortable enough that we could relax through a red-eye? To find out, we tested ThirdLove's bra and underwear on an overnight cross country flight from Portland to New York City. Read on for our unbiased and honest ThirdLove review.

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In this ThirdLove Review:

What Are the Pros and Cons of ThirdLove?

Thirdlove Bras laid out in a row.

ThirdLove Pros

  • Easy-to-take fit finder helps you find the best fitting bra size and style for your body
  • Cup sizes are available in A through I, with bands from 30- to 48-inches—78 sizes in total!
  • Half-size cups available for the perfect fit
  • Great design all around: non-slip straps, removable inserts, padded eye-hooks, and tagless labels
  • Pretty colors, luxe fabrics, and lace details for a classic and sophisticated look
  • ThirdLove’s diverse models with stretch marks > other brands unrealistic photoshopped models
  • Underwear available in a variety of cuts, from thongs to boyshorts
  • Nursing and maternity bras available for moms
  • Line of comfy sleepwear and loungewear
  • Donated over $10 million in bras to women in need in 2018
  • Free exchanges and returns—plus 60 days to wash and wear your items
  • Retail outlet in New York City for those who want to try on bras in store

ThirdLove Cons

  • Slightly pricier than Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and Savage X Fenty
  • No brick-and-mortar stores, apart from a pop-up in New York City
  • Not every single color/style is available in every single size
  • If you’re looking for major padding and pushup support, this is not your brand

Frequently Asked Questions About ThirdLove

Third Love 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in Pinot.

How does ThirdLove work?

First, you need to dedicate about a minute to taking the ThirdLove Fit Finder survey. It’s basically a few simple questions about your boobs and the bras you already own. We promise you won’t have to think very hard. Each question is multiple choice and illustrated with cute graphics. At the end, you’ll be prompted for your email address and then ThirdLove recommends your size and bra style based on how you answered. So, if you reported a lot of gaping in the cups of your regular bra (ugh) or a strap that rides up the back (the worst), ThirdLove will suggest a bra that addresses those issues. The super cool part is that ThirdLove ships you a backup size, so you can try on two bra sizes in the comfort of your own home (with all your favorite tops—it’s handy to see how the bra looks under your clothes). You get 14 days to try on your bras, and returns are free within that time frame.

Screenshot of the Third Love Bra Fit Quiz.
Question from the ThirdLove Fit Finder quiz.

Does ThirdLove have a store?

ThirdLove has exactly one store in the fashionable SoHo neighborhood of New York City. It’s billed as a concept store. Visitors are encouraged to book a 30-minute appointment with a fit specialist. You can try on any of the bra styles, and receive a mini-education in bra fitting. The store is quite slick and decorated with a modern feminine aesthetic. Think: elegant fitting rooms with circle mirrors and daylight and twilight lighting options, bust-shaped neon lights, and a gallery wall—of bras. Some items are available to take home immediately, others will be shipped for free to your home.

ThirdLove’s Concept Store in soho.
Photo: ThirdLove

Does ThirdLove have plus-size bras?

Our ThirdLove Bra and Underwear Review for Travel

Thirdlove Bras and underwear laid out on a blanket.

Our underwear drawer is a mix of Calvin Klein, Hanky Panky, Natori, and Victoria’s Secret. There are a few Adidas sports bras and a couple of Urban Outfitter bralettes in there, too. We’ve always approached bra and underwear shopping by browsing sales, asking friends for their favorite brands, buying a nude strapless bra in a bridesmaid-induced panic, and simply snapping up anything cute that caught our eye in a moment of shopping weakness. But we longed for a better way to shop for long-lasting and well-fitting bras and underwear. Enter: ThirdLove. It’s hard to ignore ThirdLove, they’re everywhere from eye-popping Instagram posts to anti-Victoria’s Secret rants in The New York Times. Plus, a few of our friends swear by ThirdLove. What we really needed was a bra and underwear comfortable enough to wear on an upcoming (and slightly dreaded) red-eye flight from Portland, Oregon to New York City. In the past, a sports bra or bralette and Hanky Panky underwear had been our go to sort of comfy underclothing for a red-eye. But we hopped over to ThirdLove to see if they had an even better solution to our travel underwear woes. Read on for our ThirdLove bra and underwear review.

How We Shopped ThirdLove Bras and Underwear

Thirdlove Bras in the box before opening.

Just like everyone who orders from ThirdLove, we took the super simple ThirdLove Fit Finder survey. And it was kind of fun—who doesn’t love answering questions about themselves? Based on our multiple choice responses to questions about fit problems and the bras we already own, ThirdLove results suggested the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. This crowd favorite bra has almost 40,000 reviews, with an average 4.5 star rating. It comes in 11 tasteful colors, like taupe, rose dust, and fig. However, not every size is available in every color. Reviewers love the soft micro jersey fabric, ultra-thin memory foam cups, and pleated straps. We ordered it in our usual size, and another half-size down as the back-up. Next, we went for the Classic Contour Plunge Bra, just to give two styles a test run. And for the sake of our ThirdLove bra and underwear review, we wanted to wear a ThirdLove bra and pair of underwear on our overnight flight (the ultimate comfort test) so we also picked out a Comfort Stretch Thong.

What We Ordered From ThirdLove

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in Pinot

Third Love 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra in Pinot.

We’ve worn T-shirt bras from other brands before—the idea is that they’re a casual everyday bra that’ll stay comfy and won’t show under something as lightweight as a t-shirt. But ThirdLove took the t-shirt bra concept and perfected it. Signature memory foam cups comfortably adhere to the body and eliminate annoying gaping between the breast and the cup. Pleated straps felt soft and didn’t slip down our shoulders. And most importantly for a red-eye flight, the soft micro jersey fabric was breathable—no sweat. Did we mention the tagless printed label and foam-padded hook and eye? Wearing the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra on a flight was the next best thing to traveling in pajamas.

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in Taupe

Third Love 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra in Taupe.

We ordered the taupe version of the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in our backup size (a half-size smaller than what we usually wear) but honestly couldn’t find that much of a difference in the feel or fit. Still, having the next half-size smaller did make us feel better about ordering bras online, since ensuring the right fit is so-so-so important. And if you’re constantly struggling to find the right cup shape in a world of full-size letters only, the half-size cup is likely the answer you’re looking for. The taupe color was invisible underneath white clothing—which is critical.

24/7 Classic Contour Plunge Bra in Black

Third Love 24/7™ Classic Contour Plunge Bra in Black.

If you want something that’s a little sexier than the Classic T-Shirt Bra, but still exceptionally comfortable—slip on the Classic Contour Plunge Bra. It’s got all the bells and whistles of the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, plus a little natural lift and removable inserts for a slight push-up effect. The plunge style and mesh overlay add some sex appeal (especially in black or ginger), but this is still the type of bra you’ll wear day to day with confidence. We didn’t try it out on a flight, but have been reaching for it under sweaters, blouses, and dresses.

24/7 Classic Contour Plunge Bra in Taupe

Third-Love-247™-Classic-Contour-Plunge-Bra in Taupe.

We ordered the 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge Bra in taupe in a half-size smaller than our regular size. Much like with the Classic T-Shirt Bra, we didn’t notice much of a difference between the half-sizes. As with the black one, it was nice to have the option of adding or removing the inserts for more or less of a lift.

Comfort Stretch Thong in Pinot

Third Love Comfort Stretch Thong in Pinot.

ThirdLove designed their Comfort Stretch Thong with the perfect mix of nylon and spandex that does not budge. The material feels silky smooth, but breathable, and it’s completely seamless. That means you can wear them under leggings without any VPL (that’s visible panty line for the uninitiated). We tested the Comfort Stretch Thong in the middle seat of a red-eye flight from Portland to New York City. The results? We worried more about armrest access than we did about our underwear. The Comfort Stretch Thong officially earned a place of honor in our underwear drawer.

Finally: Is ThirdLove Worth It?

Collection of ThirdLove Bras and Thong Laid Out.

If you’re shopping for comfortable bras and underwear that fit perfectly and will last, then ThirdLove is definitely worth it. We had a solid night’s sleep without any underwear worry on a red-eye flight—no easy feat for even the most expensive bra and underwear set. Unless you’re willing to pay even bigger bucks for a custom set of undies, ThirdLove has the most affordable and accessible bras and underwear out there. We’ve got them ready to go for an upcoming flight to Punta Cana. In our book, the new rally cry of comfortable travel should be, “I see London, I see France, I see ThirdLove underpants.”

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