Holiday Gifts We’ll Go Ahead and Buy for Ourselves—Thank You Very Much.

Holiday Gifts We’ll Go Ahead and Buy for Ourselves—Thank You Very Much

Admit it. Half the time you spend holiday shopping you’re really mentally adding to your own wish list. And what’s wrong with that? “The most wonderful time of the year” can also be the most stressful and hard, too. Treating yourself can make it easier to get into the holiday spirit—and easier to cope when you open yet another pair of socks from dad. (Sorry, dad.) We’re fans of putting our own names on the gift list, especially when it comes to the dreamy gift ideas below from travel editors. When you do buy yourself a well-deserved little something, we insist you add a gift note to the shipment saying, “From me, to me! I knew we'd love it!”

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Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers

“The Fluff Yeah slippers by Ugg are everything a super-special, once-a-year gift to yourself should be. On the one hand, they’re fun, decadent, and not something I’d treat myself to on a whim, and on the other, they’re practical in the sense that I’ll love and cherish them for years! Fluff Yeahs are perfect for the airport—those slingback straps will slip off easily at checkpoints and the soft soles will be a blessing on the hike to my gate. On the plane, the plush shearling will keep my toes toasty and the open style won’t restrict my feet when they inevitably start to puff up after hours in the air. Honestly, they’ll simply make me happy, which is not always how I feel on big travel days. Fluff, yeah!” —Anne Olivia Bauso, Editor at What to Pack

Madewell Zip Top Leather Carryall 

“Christmas came early for me this year! Last month I bought myself the Madewell Zip Top Leather Carryall, which I’ve been eyeing since it was released nearly two years ago. This bag is perfect for everyday use and will definitely be my first choice for a personal item when I’m hopping on a plane. It comfortably fits my 15-inch laptop and the rest of my daily essentials. I love the zip-top closure for travel (there’s nothing worse than accidentally dumping out your entire bag under the airplane seat), and the fact that the bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody. I opted for the English saddle leather color, but I also love the true black with the contrasting brown handles and strap.” —Liz Allocca, Senior Photo Editor at What to Pack

Youth to the People Hydrating Activated Mist

“This fancy face mist has captured my imagination. Spray on antioxidants? How extra! If you think face mists are just pointless scented water, this formula, packed with peptides and hyaluronic acid, will make you reconsider. And the rave reviews on Sephora calling it “The Mist of My Freaking Dreams” are pretty compelling. It’s also an easy way to level up your skincare with a quick spritz. But frankly, I just want to be the lady that fishes this bottle out of her purse, throws her head back, and mists herself like some kind of diva.” —Maria Hart, Executive Editor at What to Pack

YETI Coffee Thermos 

“This YETI coffee thermos is in my Amazon shopping cart right now. For the amount of coffee I drink (sometimes I drink it even more on vacation), it’s well past time I commit to bringing a durable reusable coffee container with me wherever I go. I like the shorter design of this tumbler—baristas can just as easily make a latte in it as they can fill it with drip coffee—and I’m very into the earthy clay color! I’ll be using this at my local NYC coffee shops and throwing it in my bag for my next work trip to Europe.” —Laura Hinely, Senior Photo Editor at Oyster

Born Booties 

“The holiday travel gift I’m buying myself this year is a new pair of black suede Børn booties. They are my absolute favorite brand of boots because they’re comfy enough to walk for miles while exploring new cities, while still being cute and stylish in sweater weather. They’re comfortable from the first wear, so I don’t have to worry about breaking them in, and they can easily fit in a suitcase if I’m not wearing them at the airport. I have a three-pairs-of-shoes limit when traveling, so for my trip to San Antonio and Austin, Texas in December, I’ll be taking sneakers, flats, and these booties.” —Lara Grant, Editor at Oyster

Frye Peyton Boots

“I have loved my Frye boots so much over the past seven years—too much, in fact. Throughout my day to day life and on almost every trip I’ve taken, they’ve served as my go-to footwear. Why? For starters, they seamlessly transition from navigating city streets to cleaning up nicely for a night out. As an added bonus, they’re incredibly comfortable and, if I do say so, pretty damn sexy. The Frye Peyton Lace Up is less of a dream gift for myself than a necessity. But to my mind, the price tag is more than worth the self-gifting, as I know they’ll last me for years and through everything from casual weddings to work dinners to big meetings to trips around the world to the next big city I visit.” —Kyle Valenta, Executive Editor at Oyster

Trtl Pillow 

“Whether I’m on a long-haul red-eye journey or a short, two-hour trip, my routine for scoring some in-flight shut-eye on a flight remains the same: close the window, collapse on my tray table, wake up every few minutes to adjust. And after years of waking up with a stiff neck, it’s time I invest in a travel pillow. I’ve had my eye on the Trtl pillow, which is constructed of super-soft fleece and designed with a turtleneck-like structure to provide support. Bonus: It’s fairly lightweight, so I won’t have to choose between packing that extra pair of shoes or a neck pillow.” —Alisha Prakash, Senior Editor at Oyster

Beauty Advent Calendar

“I saw the Liberty London Beauty Advent Calendar in the Liberty department store a few years ago while reviewing hotels in the West End. I was instantly enamored with the gorgeous packaging and built-in delight of receiving a curated luxury beauty product every day through the 25th of December. But, there wasn’t space in my suitcase to take one home. That mistake haunted me for years, as I watched Instagram influencers and celebrities open their beautiful drawers loaded with luxury beauty, makeup, and skincare treats. This year, it’s available for shipping to the U.S. so I’m ordering it online and stocking my travel kit with brands like Trish McEvoy and Skin Laundry. Merry Christmas to me!” —Megan Wood, Editor at What to Pack

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