The Best Airport Outfits, According to Travel Editors.

The Very Best Airport Outfits, According to Travel Editors

Our team's mission is to find the perfect items—from sun hats to dry shampoo—for every trip. For our own travels, we subject our suitcases to at least one round of fierce editing to make sure we have everything we need and nothing we don’t. Likewise, we’ve honed down our outfits to tried-and-true travel “uniforms” that strike the perfect balance between fashionable and practical. Our go-to items—Levi's jeans, Madewell shoes, Baggu backpacks, etc.—were found through plenty of trial and error. (Jersey jumpsuits + synthetic airplane seat-covers = in-flight slip-and-slide.) Getting from Point A to Point B and back again is no one's favorite part of the trip, but when you’re dressed right, the journey is so much more pleasant. Plus, you’ll look sharp!

Megan Wood, Editor

“When I travel, there isn’t much time (or desire) for me to change out of my plane outfit and into something glamorous for the hotel arrival. I like to compromise and put on something that’s comfortable, keeps me warm on frigid flights, and looks pulled together. This look meets all my requirements.  A cute pair of jeans can usually be worn again on the trip, and the pullover sweater looks chic in pink. Sneakers are a non-negotiable for travel days, and all-white Nikes match everything else in my suitcase. Adding a scarf to my ponytail gives a finished look.  The leather pouch can be worn cross-body or around the waist for easy access to my phone and boarding pass—plus it leaves my hands free to carry a coffee and pull my rolling bag. On arrival, all I need is a breath mint and a swipe of lip gloss, and I’m ready to check in.”

Tyler Schoeber, Production Specialist

“Whether you’re traveling on a train, bus, plane, or boat, comfort is the absolute key to semi-enjoying your time. Because let’s face it, does anyone really enjoy their time in transit? In the summer, you can catch me in a breezy tee like this one from Everlane alongside some standout shorts. I’m also huge on the dad hats, and I think that this embroidered mountainscape hat from Amazon really shows off my adventurous side. Lastly, I’ll gladly rock socks and sandals till I die because they are cool and comfy. If you disagree, you’re wrong.”

Liz Allocca, Senior Photo Editor

“One-hundred percent denim jeans might not immediately spring to mind when you’re putting together the perfect travel outfit, but hear me out. Levi’s 501 skinny jeans are my go-to pair of denim for almost everything—airports included. They run a little big, so order your normal size and you’ll end up with a relaxed fit that won’t stretch out even during a long-haul flight. I usually pair these with a casual tank top, like this cute striped number from Madewell, and a comfortable, lightweight jacket in case of a chill. I never travel without my Baggu backpack, which is the perfect size for a personal item and pulls double duty as my favorite sightseeing bag. These Madewell mules complete the look and easily slip off for the security line, while keeping the outfit looking put together while in transit and when I arrive at my destination. My travel outfits are always composed of practical pieces that I can wear again once I get to where I’m going—saving valuable space in my suitcase for souvenirs.”

Maria Teresa Hart, Executive Editor

“Surprise! I like to travel in a dress. And trust me, a soft wrap dress offers nightgown-like comfort that no leggings can touch, and it gives me a bit of polish. (Hey, anything to encourage those upgrades!) I pair it with a squishy cashmere sweater I can throw on when the airplane cabin gets chilly, and I add some slip-on/slip-off shoes that let me breeze through the TSA line. My sunglasses are always handy to block glaring, above-the-clouds sunbeams. A really roomy purse is my final must-have, since it offers plenty of space for my pile of reading material and plane snacks.”

Anne Olivia Bauso, Editor

“I love the idea of traveling in joggers or leggings, but their slicker fabric tends to slide around too much on pleather airplane seats. So I tried something radical and switched to jeans—these high-waisted Charlies by Joe’s Jeans are some of the softest I have ever felt. And I love the high-waist cut so I don’t have to worry about showing any skin when I’m inevitably rummaging under the seat in front of me for a dropped lip balm. Paired with a soft button-up (ones by Rails are softer than any collared shirt has a right to be), it’s like I’m wearing a very presentable cotton pajama set. I prefer lace-up sneakers at airports to slip-ons; they’re more secure if I need to race to my gate. And this simple backpack helps me keep my carry-on gear in check: it’s the perfect size for my big headphones, a book, a tabloid, a bottle of water, face mist, and snacks.”

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