15 Unexpected Travel Stocking Stuffers Under $10.
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17 Unexpected Stocking Stuffers Under $10 on Amazon

It can be a serious struggle to find even one excellent stocking stuffer, never mind enough goodies to fill an entire stocking. But don't worry—just in time for the holidays, we’ve uncovered the holy grail of unexpected stocking stuffers: travel gifts. Our 17 unexpected stocking stuffers are all under 10 dollars, and make memorable holiday gifts for any gender and age. Buy one or two unexpected travel stocking stuffers for a friend or family member with wanderlust, or consider travel-themed stockings for loved ones gearing up for a big trip. These unexpected stocking stuffers are way more fun than a lump of coal—and they're all available on Amazon.

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Unexpected Stocking Stuffers Under $10


Leather Luggage Tags

Chelmon Leather Luggage Tags Baggage Bag Instrument Tag 2 Pcs Set.

Level up your unexpected stocking stuffers game by attaching one of these fun luggage tags personalized with the giftee’s name to their travel-themed stocking. The leather luggage tags feature sturdy stainless steel loops and flip-up tops to keep personal information hidden on the road. They’re available in a slew of bright colors (a big help when identifying luggage), and each set contains two: one for the carry-on bag and one for the checked bag. Another fun gift idea? Use these luggage tags in place of a gift tag. 

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Rescue Pastilles

RESCUE PASTILLES, Homeopathic Stress Relief.

No stocking is complete without something sweet. Instead of the same old candy canes, stock a stuffing with an unexpected Bach French pastille. They’re available in four tasty flavors (black currant, cranberry, lemon, and orange and elderflower) and use floral ingredients to help you calm down and relax. The homeopathic remedy (over 80 years old) brings a natural sense of calm, without making you feel groggy or light headed. That’s just the ticket for any upcoming holiday travel days. 

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Portable Luggage Scale

travel inspira Digital Luggage Scale.

Who would expect a scale in a stocking? A portable luggage scale saves overpackers big bucks in overpacked luggage fees at the airport. This version is about the size of an iPhone and features an easy-to-read backlit LCD display, a tare function (used to measure multiple items in the same bag), and a load capacity of 110 pounds. Users praise the five-star budget option for its reliability and accuracy. Best of all, you can make use of it on Christmas morning: Compare stocking hauls to see who Santa likes best.

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Wine Skin Bag

Wine Skin WineSkin Bag, 2-Pack.

Whether you’re taking wine with you on a trip or bringing it home, you really don’t want to worry about bottle breakage. These Wine Skin Bags (which come in packs of two) are essentially wine-bottle shaped bubble wrap, and reviewers are pleased to say they get bottles home in one piece. The Wine Skins can also be used for transporting other liquid souvenirs contained in breakable glass, such as bottles of olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Who knows—maybe you’ll get a thank you bottle of wine out of this gift for yourself. 

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BodyGlide Foot Anti Blister Balm

BodyGlide Foot Anti Blister Balm.

Are you gifting someone with a new pair of shoes or boots? Nice choice! Make the gift complete with a tube of BodyGlide Foot Anti Blister Balm in their stocking. This genius product is made from plants, like apricot and comfrey leaf essentials, and one quick swipe will prevent uncomfortable rubbing that leads to blisters and pain. Unexpected stocking stuffers? Yes. Welcome? Definitely. 

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Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner’s - Pure-Castile Liquid Soap.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap is our go-to travel soap (if you’re giftee hadn’t heard of it, this new knowledge will be a gift in itself). It’s gentle, concentrated (you only need a drop or two), and up to the challenge of almost any washing task. You can use it to wash your dishes, your floor, your clothes, your hair, your pet, or your clothes. This 2 ounce container—which will go a lot further than you think—is TSA- and stocking-stuffer friendly, too. And the peppermint scent is perfect for the holidays.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

 Bluetooth Speakers, Antique Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

Sometimes, travelers need tunes. This tiny speaker will pair with a phone or computer over Bluetooth for impromptu dance parties or ambient music. Clearly, it’s adorable—it looks like a retro radio, and fits in your palm—but customers are surprised that it offers up decent sound quality. While on the one hand, it’s just a $10 speaker (don’t expect great bass), on the other hand, it’s just a $10 speaker! We think Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree is the perfect tester to get started.

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Sewing Kit

Quick Fix Travel Sewing Kit.

Reason enough to pack a sewing kit on a trip: if you don’t have it, you’ll probably need it. This handy sewing kit is simple and small, with buttons, safety pins, practical thread colors, and—best of all!—pre-threaded needles. Even those with two left thumbs can get that button back on. Our pick comes with six kits in two sizes, perfect for stuffing stockings in bulk. Sometimes, the most practical unexpected stocking stuffers are the best stocking stuffers. 

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Weekly Pill Case

BUG HULL Pill Organizer.

Personally, we don’t go anywhere without this handy pill case, even if it’s not filled with daily vitamins or meds (though that’s a good use, too). Pill cases are perfect for holding all kinds of tiny travel things. They can be used as a jewelry organizer so necklaces don’t get tangled en transit, or parents can put different candies and treats in each day to entertain kids on a road trip. Each compartment is large enough to hold eight vitamins. For next-level unexpected stocking stuffers, pre-pack the pill case with tiny treasures.

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Earplugs with Case

Earplugs TOGEDI Reusable Noise Cancelling Soft Ear Plugs.

There may be no greater gift than that of a good night’s sleep, and earplugs will go a long way in getting one there. These earplugs stand out thanks to their bullet-like design, quality memory-foam, and fun swirled pattern. The set comes with five earplugs (reusable after washing!) and two plastic cases (one for all five pair, a second for a single pair). It all comes wrapped up in a silky gift bag, which saves a little time for Santa’s elves.

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Bucket List Pocket Journal

Trip Passport Journal — Pocket-Sized Experience Book by Letterfolk.

For adventurers and list-makers alike, this playful Trip Pocket Journal includes space to make notes about favorite travel escapades. The book includes 20 pages for logging bucket-list trips, plus extra pages at the back with bonus material, like a checklist and a spot to save photos and mementos. Plus, it’s a handsome little notebook with a foil-stamped cover and a simple sewn binding. They’ll keep this as the ultimate trip souvenir for years to come.

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Full-Body Cleansing Cloths

Ally Rinse-Free Ultra-Thick Adult Bathing Cloths.

Bath wipes may sound like a totally unexpected stocking stuffer, but stay with us. Finding a shower en transit can be hard: An overnight bus, a shared hostel bathroom, a night out in the woods. These disposable wipes are an on-the-go sponge bath that doesn’t require a rinse. Users praise the wipes for their softness, durability, and size. And believe us, after an all-day hike they certainly feel like a gift.

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Passport Holder

PASCACOO Passport Holder Cover.

Garnering over 600 five-star reviews from Amazon users, this passport holder is beloved for its style, functionality, and super low price. The passport cover features RFID blocking (so thieves can’t scan your private information), plus slots for credit cards and IDs, boarding passes and cash, and (of course) a passport. But our favorite detail is the tiny pocket for a SIM card, and—this is genius!—a metal pin so you can actually open your SIM-card slot! Of note—despite the headline on Amazon, it’s actually made of synthetic leather. Still, reviewers are impressed with the quality. Available in lots of fun (and serious) colors that will please everyone on your list.

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Cellphone Dry Bag

Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case.

For beach vacays, family cruises, or trips to the water park, this dry bag will keep cellphones protected from splashes or full-on submersion (an included lanyard also ensures it doesn’t float away). While a cellphone dry bag is certainly practical, we primarily love it for a more fun reason. It essentially turns any smartphone into an underwater camera thanks to its transparent design and touch-screen friendly plastic. The set includes two cases, so you can divvy them up between two stockings. Practical and budget-friendly. 

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Wired Earbuds

Panasonic Wired Earphones.

Hear us out on this one. Most people have their go-to headphones, like Bluetooth earbuds, Apple AirPods, or Beats, but these aren’t always practical for a trip. Bulky headphones are hard to pack, and Bluetooth options don’t always work with in-air entertainment. These headphones from Panasonic are simple and practical—they have decent sound, fit comfortably (two sizes of earpads are included), and are available in three colors (ideal for family color-coding). Smart travelers always keep a pair of inexpensive earbuds handy as a backup. 

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Sunscreen Flask

GoPong Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask.

We don’t recommend sneaking alcohol onto a cruise ship, but if you do, we recommend you don’t get caught. Part gag-gift, part actually-useful-item, this duo of flasks are disguised as bottles of sunscreen. While they’re sure to get a laugh, the flasks actually do what they’re designed for—reliably hold liquid. The set includes a pouring spout and a funnel and the bottles are made from food-grade plastic. Non-rule-breakers can always just freak people out by pretending to drink sunscreen at the beach.

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TSA-Approved Travel Bottles

Travel Bottles Set TSA Approved.

This eight-piece set of travel-sized containers includes spray bottles, squeeze bottles, cream bottles, and a clear plastic case that’s ideal for air travel. They’re leak-proof, so you never have to worry about spilling expensive products, and colorful so you can remember which bottle has night serum and which has micellar water micellar water. They’re also downright practical even if not traveling by plane—for example, they’re great for throwing sunscreen in a beach bag or hand sanitizer in a purse. If you want to (playfully) annoy your giftee, wrap them individually.

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