Gwyneth Paltrow’s Iconic Travel Style—and How to Recreate It for Yourself.
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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Iconic Travel Style—and How to Recreate It for Yourself

No denying Gwyneth Paltrow has an enviable life: the A-list Hollywood fame, the lucrative lifestyle business, the coveted Oscar statue, the bucket-list vacations, the designer clothes—to say nothing of her incandescent good looks. (Seriously, what is that glow? Is it the Goop Exfoliator?) It’s an enchanted existence that haters can't resist mocking along with her New Age products. (Rose quartz straw, anyone?) But we prefer to be inspired, particularly when it comes to her travel style. Paltrow has clearly worked out a winning formula when it comes to her jet-setting capsule wardrobe. Her suitcase holds a ready mix of elegant and fashionable outfits that always look appropriate and on-trend. And while Ms. Goop’s clothes are obviously rather pricey, her curated approach still works for a variety of price points. Read on for G.P.'s style strategies and prepare yourself for major travel style inspiration.

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Where Does Gwyneth Paltrow Travel?

Our girl Gwyneth gets around. Since the beginning of her career, she’s bounced between Los Angeles and New York and still maintains a home base in both cities. But she’s also a fearless globe-trotter, collecting an impressive amount of passport stamps. In the early 2000s, she spent a good chunk of time in London and Spain in a combo of work and play. In London, she famously complained she couldn’t score a date—something Coldplay front-man Chris Martin (aka Paltrow’s baby-daddy) certainly solved. And in Spain she ate her way through a mess of tapas and paella with Mario Batali while filming PBS’s “On the Road.”

These days, Paltrow seems like a travel omnivore—city, beach, mountain, remote escape, she does it all—whether that’s museum-hopping in Mexico City or skiing in Montage Deer Valley. And she’s clearly happy to be a tourist with a capital T when in Paris, ogling the view from Centre Pompidou or the Place Vendome like any other American, and tacking on a few beach days on the Cote d’Azur for good measure. Family vacations with the kids have taken her and her young teens to Umbria and Machu Picchu, too, and romantic getaways with her new husband Brad Falchuk include the Maldives. But Spain and London still factor in the mix, as vacation snaps from Castilla la Mancha and the Thames prove.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Travel Style

Paltrow may go on vacation, but her style never takes a break. It’s always polished, fashion-conscious, and cohesive. Even her “laid-back” beachy maxi dresses and Birkenstocks feel deeply thought-out—and deeply glamorous. And her version of jeans-and-a-T-shirt seems tailored to her exact measurements, even her cutoffs are artfully frayed. Paltrow clearly thinks of her travel wardrobe holistically, putting together a color-wheel of soft neutrals and timeless silhouettes. Step one in approaching Paltrow’s style is to ditch big, loud prints, candy-colored outfits, and other frou frou. When you’re channeling your inner Gwyneth, you want to avoid anything wacky or cutesy and aim squarely for adult and elevated.

Three Words to Describe Gwyneth Paltrow’s Travel Style

    1. Preppy. Paltrow’s preppy leanings were earned the old-fashioned way—years of private school on New York City’s Upper East Side—which is to say her prep is no marketing ploy. Clearly she learned how to wear nautical stripes, classic white button-ups, and blazers with the best of them. And while her version of preppy now has some California leanings (maxi dresses and Birkenstocks get thrown in), the structured satchel bag and trench coat are mainstays in her Rimowa suitcase.
    2. High-End. Fast-fashion? Paltrow will pass. The star famously told the New York Times that her site Goop remains aspirational: “Our stuff is beautiful…you can’t get that at a lower price point.” But she could have been talking about her own travel wardrobe. The items she touts are regularly in the three- or (gulp!) four-digit range. And yes, everything she packs, even the underpants and sleep mask, is top-shelf quality—and price. (Don’t worry, we have some less-expensive picks below.)
    3. Au Courant. Don’t be fooled by Paltrow’s love of preppy staples. While she’ll go for a button-up shirt or a crew-neck sweater, her versions tend to have a twist that make them very 2019. The button-up will get a high neck and ruffle; the sweater sports puffed sleeves. Paltrow can hit that sweet spot between trendy and classic so she always reads as both fashion-fluent and timeless.

Three Colors That Gwyneth Paltrow Rocks

        1. White. Paltrow’s signature color is actually a non-color—white. Just glance at her books, and you’ll see Paltrow in white (or white stripes) in five out of six covers. Paltrow loves a classic white button-down shirt or a creamy knit sweater, but she’s also a fan of on-trend white wide-leg jeans or puff-sleeve dresses. And naturally she can make a plain white T-shirt look like a million bucks. In a way, the color white is shorthand for Paltrow herself: It’s classic, elegant, and pristine.
        2. Black. The flipside of white? Black, of course! Like any fashionista, Paltrow knows the power of a little black dress for an event. But black also factors into her bossgirl look, and she’ll bust out a tailored black blazer or crew-neck top to show she means business. We also love that she’s not afraid to nerd it up, donning thick black eye glasses. Paltrow’s version of black is never edgy, and even in this color, she manages to keep it sunny and light, opting for breezy black sundresses or bikinis.
        3. Camel Brown. Yes, occasionally Paltrow will get decked out in a bright red dress, but more often than not, when it comes to color, she’ll opt for a soft dusting of it over a thumping hue. Dove gray, blush pink, and ice-water blue come into her wardrobe rotation, hues that suit her golden-blonde coloring. But a muted camel brown could be her favorite, and ours. As expected, the classic camel coat makes an appearance, along with plush camel turtleneck sweaters. But Paltrow will don this color in tailored dresses and even eveningwear, should you doubt the glamour of this hue.

      How to Replicate Gwyneth Paltrow’s Travel Style in Three Outfits

      How to Dress Like Gwyneth Paltrow Sightseeing

      Paltrow’s Italian gelato Instagram pic gives us some Cliff Notes to her sightseeing approach. A cloud-blue shirt dress provides an element of preppy polish, while the aviator sunglasses and fedora hat add in some cool-girl know-how. Paltrow pairs this with a jumble of gold necklaces and walkable shoes. The result is pure European polish while still being comfortable enough to trek through a maze of cobblestone streets in search of the perfect scoop—or two in Paltrow’s case.

      Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sightseeing Outfit

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      How to Dress Like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Airport

      Let it be known: Gwyneth Paltrow is not above athleisure. Her signature G. Sport line is one of the more surprisingly affordable clothing lines on her site (by comparison). These leggings with a retro “Flashdance” top makes a great airport-ready outfit. It’s ultra-polished, yet comfortable enough you can stretch your limbs in all directions, a boon when you’re cramped in coach (although we’re optimistic this ensemble will encourage first-class upgrades!). Do what Paltrow would do and treat yourself to a little mid-flight refresh with a “clean” face oil, so you land dewy, too.

      Gwyneth Paltrow’s Airport Outfit

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      How to Dress Like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Beach

      We’re taking a page from Paltrow’s beach style, or maybe we should say “a cover,” since the outfit below is inspired by her breezy, beachy look on the cover of her “Goop Clean Beauty” book. This white caftan is pure Gwyneth, both airy and elevated. Pair it with a high-waisted bikini (an updated classic), some J. Crew espadrilles (equal parts preppy and Cali), and a swipe of rosy lip balm.

      Gwyneth Paltrow’s Beach Outfit

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      Three Gwyneth Paltrow-Inspired Accessories to Amp Up Any Outfit

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